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2 women shot; 1 dies

Police say that the shooter’s target was a man who was standing near the women

SANTA ELENA, Cayo District, Fri. Dec. 7, 2018– Two women tragically became victims of gun violence last night, December 6, with one of them losing her life.

Jennis August, 35, is currently in a stable condition at the Western Regional Hospital (WRH), while the body of her friend, Brenda Castellanos, 25, lies in the morgue.

The incident occurred around 7:16 p.m. while August and Castellanos were socializing in their yard on Bishop Martin Street. The two shared a home on the property, with Castellanos living in the lower flat and August in the upper flat.

August’s nail salon is also on the property, and it was in front of the salon that the two women were standing with some relatives, including children. Castellanos also had her 2-year-old son in her arm.

Then, a man dressed in dark clothes appeared in front of the yard and opened fire on them.

August was shot in the chest, while Castellanos was shot multiple times in the chest and left ankle. They were first transported to the San Ignacio Hospital, but later taken to the Western Regional Hospital (WRH), where Castellanos succumbed to her injuries while being treated.

After canvassing the scene, police found 12 expended shells and 3 slugs.

Police believe that this shooting is a result of a dispute that occurred at a bar in Santa Elena about a month ago. The gunman was reportedly targeting another man who was involved in the dispute and who was standing near August and Castellanos at the time of the shooting.

Several persons, including the suspect the police believe to be the shooter, were detained, but all of them have been released due to lack of sufficient evidence.

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