Crime — 13 May 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

In 2 separate incidents, a conman posed as a cable company worker, and as a City Council worker

A conman posing as a cable company worker, in one instance, and a City Council official in the other instance, robbed two elderly citizens in separate incidents in Belize City and has gotten away with over $530 in cash and jewelry.

Police have since released a flash bulletin advising the public to be on the lookout for this con artist.

A retiree reported to police at the Queen Street Police Station that at about 9:30 yesterday morning a thief posing as a Baymen Cable Company worker went to his home, where he identified himself as Reginald Flowers of Burrell Boom, and said that he was there to check the cable connection and wire.

The retiree said that at the time when the worker came he was preparing breakfast. When he saw the worker near the bedroom, he became alarmed, but continued preparing his breakfast.

Shortly after, the man left the house. The retiree immediately went into his bedroom, and discovered that his wallet, valued at $60, which contained $25, and his First Caribbean Bank ATM card, as well as his Social Security Card, which were on his bedside table, were missing. He immediately went to the police and made a report.

In an incident the day before, at about 10:00 Wednesday morning, an 88-year-old woman was at her home on Kelly Street when a man came to the house claiming to be a Belize City Council official. He said that he had been sent to the house to repair the verandah.

The 88-year-old citizen told police that at the time when the man went to her home, she was about to go to the store to make some purchases, but he offered to get someone to do the errand for her, to which she agreed.

According to the elderly woman, the man took the money from her and went outside, coming back after a short time. While at the house, the man saw the jewelry on her and told her that the jewelry needed cleaning, and he would do it for her.

The woman gave the man her jewelry, valued at $450, and he put them in his pocket.

The man then told her that he was going to check on the man who had gone to do the errand for her, but to date, the man has not yet returned with either the jewelry, or the money for the purchases. The senior citizen went to the police, where she made a report.

The police urge the public to be vigilant when individuals go to their homes claiming to be workers of service companies, or other types of laborers. They are urged to call the company or entity to confirm that the person has been sent legitimately, and to verify their identification, before letting them into their homes.

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