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Shyne reps Belize at 2022 BET Awards

In a special tribute to his former...

How? Why?

LettersHow? Why?

Dear Editor,

I first came to Placencia in 1992, 21 years ago. Though I was enchanted with the village from the beginning, it’s the friends I’ve made there and then their extended families that I love so dearly.

Has ANYONE in the GOB ever read about any of the other countries (and their economies) that have suffered the consequences of mass cruise ship tourism? I ask you to search your soul as to just why it is that you seek to abandon and whore out the peoples of Southern Stann Creek?

Why is it tempting to you, the government, to have the sewage and garbage of hundreds of thousands dumped along the coast every month?

How can you ignore that the current tourism business to Southern Belize will go elsewhere to avoid massive amounts of cruisers? I’m filled with dread and worry for all the Belizean guides and tour operators, the restaurateurs, and also for those that built their businesses offering accommodations.

They worked very hard to succeed in turning the area from livelihoods of mostly fisherman to providing and depending on tourism services. You know all these businesses will suffer greatly when the cruise ships port at Crawl Caye.

Why do you choose to follow the mistakes of other countries in the Caribbean?

How can you in good conscience abandon your countrymen and relatives of Stann Creek South?

How? Why?

Diane Smith

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