Headline — 11 January 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego
Leonard “Ghost” Myers stabbed 38 times: autopsy

A post-mortem was conducted today on two of the bodies of four murdered men, Albert “Long John” Fuentes, 19, Leonard “Ghost” Myers, 30, Keino Quallo, 40, and Anthony Perez, 28, who were found dead in an apartment at the corner of Dean and Plues Streets on the morning of Tuesday, January 8.

The autopsy was conducted on the bodies of Albert Fuentes and Leonard Myers.

The examination found that the cause of death of Fuentes was asphyxia and stab wounds. His mother, who witnessed the autopsy, said that she saw about 10 stab wounds in his chest, and his throat was slit.

She requested a further test because of the possibility that he had been drugged. The doctor explained to her that the drug he noted was the type that was inhaled, which was put on cloth and placed over the nose.

She requested verification, but at the conclusion of the procedures, nothing more was done in the way of further testing.

The cause of death of Leonard Myers was declared to be stab wounds to his chest, back and throat. No member of his family was allowed to witness his autopsy, but the undertaker told his wife that he had been stabbed 38 times, and his throat slit.

Myers’ family said that he would be buried on Sunday in Gales Point, at 10:00 a.m. A wake will be held on Saturday. They ask the police to let them bury their loved one in peace, without hindrance or harassment.

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