General — 18 May 2019 — by Albert J. Ciego
Lindon Baldwin, 23, executed on Ebony Street

BELIZE CITY, Wed. May 15, 2019– Lindon Baldwin, 23, a laborer of Ebony Street, Belize City, was found lying face-up in a drain near a fence in some bushes at the corner of Ebony Street and Youth for the Future Drive. He had been shot in the neck and he was already dead.

Baldwin was found by a friend of his who had followed a trail of blood that led to him, at about 6:00 yesterday morning. Police were called and Baldwin’s body was taken to the morgue after the scene where he was found had been processed.

His sister said that on Monday evening, Baldwin was at home and wanted to do laundry, and she gave him money to buy soap powder, and he left home to make the purchase, but did not return.

The family became alarmed when he did not return throughout the night, and they thought that he was at his girlfriend’s house.

Yesterday morning, however, as his sister was going out, she saw a blood trail and saw Baldwin’s friend standing by a man who was lying on the ground, and when she went to see who was the man on the ground, she found that it was her brother.

She became devastated and speechless. She said that she was not expecting that, because Baldwin was not a troublemaker.  She believed that he was dragged and put in the area where he was found.

Police said that on Monday night Baldwin and two men were under a house on Ebony Street when one of the men he was with, fired at him, and the men then escaped.

So far, no one has been found and the motive for the murder is not known.

Baldwin’s sister and family are at a loss for reasons why he was killed, because he was not a violent person or a gang associate, they say.

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