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Malcolm Jamal Warner and Daryl “Chill” Mitchell party in Belize – despite Hurricane Dean!

Malcolm Jamal Warner, who played Bill Cosby’s son “Theo Huxtable” on The Cosby Show, and rapper/actor Daryl “Chill” Mitchell, arrived in Belize yesterday, Wednesday, August 15.   
Warner and Mitchell are on vacation and Amandala was able to speak with them. According to Warner, he is in Belize as a part of his birthday vacation, along with his friend, Chill, who has been coming to Belize for over ten years.
“Chill comes to Belize all the time and he has been trying to get me to come to Belize for quite some time, and so we thought that we had a nice window of opportunity and we decided to come to Belize for vacation and also for my birthday. I’m having a birthday party at Fahrenheit Nightclub on Saturday,” said Warner.
Warner mentioned that he did not really know much about Belize and has only been in the country for a day, but he has been getting a lot of love from the Belizean people and is enjoying his stay.
“I love what I’ve seen so far and what I wasn’t aware about Belize is that it’s part of Central America but also part of the Caribbean, so I think that’s really cool,” stated Warner.
Mitchell recalls that he has been coming to Belize for over ten years. His first trip to Belize was with Nigel Miguel.
“We came to Belize and I was asked to be a judge for the Queen of the Bay. I got up on the dance floor and started doing the Punta and the girls bugged out because I could really do it, and so after that I knew that this was my place to be. This is a place that I can come back to and just relax and feel at home, because the people have really accepted me and it feels like a family thing, so that’s why I adopted the country and the country adopted me,” said Mitchell.
Warner is best known for his role as Bill Cosby’s only son, “Theo Huxtable,” on the NBC sitcom, The Cosby Show, but he also starred in “Jeremiah,” was the voice of the producer character on “The Magic School Bus,” and co-starred for four years on the UPN sitcom “Malcolm & Eddie.”
Mitchell first came to the public’s attention as a member of the rap group Groove B Chill. This later led to Mitchell’s feature debut in the movie “House Party.” Mitchell focused on his acting career with appearances in “House Party 2,” “Boomerang,” “Fly By Night,” and the NBC series “Here and Now.”
Mitchell was sidelined in a motorcycle accident in November, 2001, which left him paralyzed from the waist down, but this did not stop his forward momentum. He took control of his wheelchair, went back to work and continued to roll.
(In the photo Warner and Mitchell appear with Amandala crew)
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