Letters — 18 July 2014 — by Wellington C. Ramos


Dear Mr. Evan Hyde,

From the time I played football in my country of Belize, I have known you to be a passionate supporter of football. Back in those days you were also a football commentator and continue to contribute a lot about the past and current players in your newspaper.

I am of the opinion that the quality of football being played in Belize today has deteriorated considerably. When having conversations with my contemporaries, they are all in full agreement with my assessment. Yet, we have not given up hope and we feel that the establishment of a Belize Hall of Fame as part of our current football league BPFL’s structure would assist towards achieving our goal.

I would like for you to use your influence as a writer and newspaper owner to promote this idea if possible. I am also planning to write a letter to the President of the league, Mr. Ruperto Vicente, and the Minister of Sports, Honorable Patrick Faber, in reference to this matter.

Many of our past players have always hoped that this organization would acknowledge them before they departed this planet earth. Unfortunately, we are witnessing their deaths one after the other without much recognition. I think that it will be more beneficial to all of us, if these players were to be recognized before they die. The last attempt to start this organization was done by Ray Davis and attorney Nick DuJohn. They might still have some documents that they may have compiled in the early 2000’s. The deaths of Gene Guild, Buck Palacio, Michael “Lasio” Martinez, Mugga Garbutt, Big Mole and countless others justifies this urgency.

Your Friend,
Wellington C. Ramos

(Publisher’s NOTE: It is with the idea of honoring our past stars that I wrote Sports, Sin and Subversion in 2008. The official structure has not recognized my work. My dad, Charles B. Hyde, while he was in charge of the National Sports Council, organized a national Hall of Fame for Belizean athletes. The Hall of Fame was established in the old Civic Center, but the Civic is now demolished. I don’t know where the Hall of Fame is now located. In any case, there is some updating needed. I know you to be a friend of the present administration, but all the evidence indicates that there is some kind of desire in high places to destroy the past of our people. Sports figures prominently in that past. For the last 45 years, Kremandala’s record is one of honoring our past.)

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