Crime — 24 September 2013 — by Rochelle Gillett

He told the court that his daughter fabricated the story because he and one of her brothers got into a misunderstanding

This morning, a father, 56, was convicted of touching his daughter’s breast when she was 15, and was sentenced to three years for it.

In the trial which started on Thursday, the minor, now 16, testified that on March 24 of this year, her father touched her breast and she told her brother about it. She was then accompanied to the police station, where she made an official report.

She also testified that the March 24 incident was the second time her father had touched her breast, but that she did not make a report the first time it happened.

In his defense, the father told the court that he is not guilty of the inappropriate act his daughter was claiming he did, and that she fabricated the entire story because he and one of her brothers had had a misunderstanding.

But this morning, the Chief Magistrate told the father she did not believe his story, but that of his daughter, and she found him guilty of the charge.

The father was then sentenced to three years for the indecent assault conviction. He was unrepresented for the trial and the prosecutor was Insp. Carol Tucker.

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