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Home Sports Belize United FC returns from Columbia U-10 tournament with 4th place trophy

Belize United FC returns from Columbia U-10 tournament with 4th place trophy

BELIZE CITY, Wed. July 10, 2019– Appearing on Krem WUB this morning was a group of parents and players of the Belize United FC youth football team that travelled to Cali, Columbia recently to participate in a friendly tournament, the Copa Ciudad de Cali International Football Tournament, consisting of some 16 youth teams. According to manager Juan Carlos Dussan, whose son also plays on the team, the team that travelled to Columbia consists of 15 players selected from four different active teams in local Mundialito tournaments, namely Belize United FC, City Boys FC, Reality Youth FC, and Poor & Famous FC. They left Belize on Monday, July 1, and returned home on Sunday, July 7.

The team members sported a big trophy they earned for 4th place in the competition.   According to Juan Carlos, the coach of the winning team informed him that his players had been together as a team for four years now, from when they were 6 years old; so, in terms of individual skills, our Belize players competed very well; but as a team, they came up a bit short in comparison to the top youth teams they faced who have been training together for years.

Nevertheless, he said our Belize players were good ambassadors. With the support of some parents who accompanied the team on the trip, there was no problem with behavior, and the Belize United FC team reached the championship round, eventually having to settle for the 4th place trophy.

Players who travelled with the Belize United FC team included: Antwan Will Latchman, Barack Brian Morey, Brian Allen Richardson, Dennis John Nunez, Esmond Orlando Sanker, Gerald Elionai Vallejos, Giliyjon Gilbert Jumal Nunez, Ishmael Israel Gonzalez, Jacob John Joseph, Jonathan Orlando Espinosa, Juan Diego Dussan, Lemar Lebraun Smith, Malik Benito Martinez, Tyrone Dean Linares and Zahir Aqil Martin.

Big up, my youths! You did great! And we’ll do better next time.

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