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Belizean youth on his way to the Power Showcase

Belize City, Fri. Oct. 8, 2021– George Perteaux, a young Belizean, will be representing the country in November at the 2021 Power Showcase All-World/All-American Baseball Classic event scheduled to be held in Miami, Florida. The announcement was made via a press release issued by the Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball (BVFBS), a non-profit and nongovernmental agency that aims to “revive, reestablish, and grow the game of baseball to the level of professionalism and self-sufficiency” in Belize.

Perteaux will be the sole Belizean to attend this year’s Power Showcase. According to Carlyon Flores of the BVFBS, they are working tirelessly to prepare Perteaux for his trip:

“George Edmund Perteaux, Jr., and I had fostered a very professional and respectful relationship. I believe he attended one of the Belize Visionary Foundation of Baseball and Softball summer camps that we had about two years ago. And since then, I noticed that Jr possessed the potential to become a great baseball player, but I did not foresee that in such a short time that this opportunity would’ve come whereby he would have been invited to participate in such a very world-renowned baseball event, which is known as the Power Showcase,” said Flores.

Flores further explained, “What we are doing right now, we have been in preparation trying to prepare Jr for this event. Of course, there have been some setbacks, COVID-19. We did not have much access to the field, to Roger’s Stadium softball field, which is of course our home of baseball and softball. However, we have been doing our best to get him ready and coach him. Coach Rene Habet, who we consider a legend – a veteran coach in Belize, has been working with Jr tirelessly in my absence. You know me and the members of the foundation have been working out the logistics to prepare for his trip. We are very hopeful that Jr will be able to display the skills that are very essential, that will be worthy of praise from the international community, and we are also hopeful that his talent will be able to open the doors for many young people in our country.”

Coach Rene Habet commented, “Jr is a very, very talented young man. He’s very professional when it comes to this sport and very disciplined in the sport. I know there are a lot of ways that he can improve, but for right now this young man is the best potential – the best prospect right now in Belize. This young man has dedicated himself, comes out day in, day out and does his practice, so I know that he will do excellent out there. And no matter what he does, I will be proud of this young man and Belize should be proud of this young man. And baseball on a whole in Belize should be proud of this young man.”

The Power Showcase is scheduled to take place from November 20 to 24.

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