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“Pungo B,” charged with robbery, pleads innocence, said he was in wrong place at wrong time

Woodcarver Norman Gillett, 34, a.k.a. “Pungo B,” one of three men who the police believe robbed truck driver Eulogio Solis, 36, was charged with robbery when he appeared today in the #3 Magistrate’s Court.

Flash news – “Junie Balls” McKenzie Dead

Police have confirmed to us tonight that George “Junie Balls” McKenzie has been shot to death tonight at about 10:30 on North Front Street, at its junction with Majestic Alley, directly in front of Chon Saan Palace.

Man tries to evade police checkpoint; could not account for over $30,000 in jewelry

A resident of San Felipe in the Orange Walk District is in police custody after he tried to elude a checkpoint on the Northern Highway and when caught, was found with over $30,000 in jewelry.

Traffic warden charged with sexually assaulting 3 female high school students on office practice

Three female high school students who went on job training at Transport Department on Freetown Road have accused traffic warden Dale Buckley, 33, of indecently assaulting them.

Chayben Abou-Nehra indicted for manslaughter in death of Shawn Copius

He is accused of shooting (in the back) and killing Belize City resident, Shawn Copius, 24, in September of 2005. Former Director of Public Prosecutions, Kirk Anderson, called for a murder indictment in the case. But today, prominent businessman Chayben Abou-Nehra, believed to be in his early thirties, one of the owners of Mirab & Company Ltd., was indicted on manslaughter charges, and not murder.

Mother, 33, bludgeoned to death on Mother’s Day

Yesterday, a day celebrated as Mother’s Day, ended in tragedy for Gregorio Novelo, who owns Novelo’s Photo Studio in town, and his family after his daughter, Ana Maria Novelo, 33, a single mother of a 6-year-old boy, was found dead on the floor of an incomplete house in a pasture in the Albert Burns area of town.

O. W. nurse stabbed dead by addict husband

Daniel Elvis Ku, 27, is under arrest by Orange Walk Police after they received a telephone call from him, Ku, to the effect that he had killed his wife, Anna Maria Magdaleno Basto, a 37- year-old nurse, stabbing her to death after they became involved in an argument.

Facing lawsuit, cops finally charge P. C. Jesus Marroquin with murder

The family of mental patient Egbert Gordon, Jr., 29, shot to death by police, is suing the Commissioner of Police, Gerald Westby, who failed to comply with the directive of the Director of Public Prosecution, Kirk Anderson, who on November 10, 2006, gave an order for him to arrest and charge Police Constable Jesus Marroquin, 23, with the shooting death of Egbert Gordon, Jr.

Gunned down in front of his pregnant wife

William “Cat” Usher, 30, a resident of Wagner’s Lane, around 9:00 p.m. last night was ambushed and gunned down in front of his common-law wife, 23-year-old Audra Andrews, who is presently five months pregnant with his second child. Usher was shot 19 times. Relatives we spoke with tonight said he was shot in the face and upper body area.

Aunt “helps herself” to $20,000 from niece – leaves confession note

Police are today seeking an aunt, Guatemalan Julia Portillo, a resident of the Orange Walk District, who they believed has already made her way over the Mexican border after she stole $20,000 from her niece, Rocio Portillo, and left her a note.

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