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Sunday, September 27, 2020
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A child?s cry for help

Many of us who think we are so well off, realize how poor we truly are when the medical bills stare us in our faces. Many Belizeans cannot afford to pay for health care costs for themselves and their children. You?d be surprised at the number of people who are walking around, apparently healthy, but silently nursing ailments that are deteriorating their beings, living on the mere hope that someday they will get lucky and win the lotto, so they can get a new lease on life.

Black Bushwhacking

A prominent ethnic elder, without complaining directly to us, behind our backs wrote to one of our football teams? corporate sponsors to complain that Kremandala disrespected his ethnic group in some of our promotional material. He wanted that corporate sponsor to withdraw its support from our team.

Hey, Cousin Francis

Ralph Fonseca, the PUP?s Super Minister, thinks that sports are just a waste of money. But Ralph is not the Minister of Sports. Cousin Francis is.

The point of this note is that if there is no semi-pro basketball tournament next year, then Cousin Francis will be the first Minister of Sports, PUP or UDP, who has allowed semi-pro basketball to miss a tournament for two consecutive years. This would be bad, bad news for Belizean basketball.


It is evident that the Government of Belize has adopted a new economic philosophy ? Ashcronomics. It is about further enriching their lord, Michael Ashcroft, and further impoverishing the middle class and the poor. You won?t learn about this in any economics textbook, but there are plenty of practical examples of exactly how this Ashcronomics works right here in Belize.

?His loyalty is ? to Mr. Ashcroft.?

We have talked about the need for political reform before, and indeed, many citizens have begun to realize that meaningful political reform is necessary before the quality of our lives can improve significantly. The citizens have talked, but it is obvious by now that Prime Minister Said Musa and his Cabinet have lent nothing but a false ear to the cries for reform.

UDP endorses Zenaida

The United Democratic Party today, Wednesday, September 28, 2005, officially endorsed the bid of Zenaida Moya, union activist and economist, to represent the party in the mayoral elections due next March. We say this because a personage no less than the Hon. Michael Finnegan, one of the party?s most experienced and formidable politicians, has officially stuck his neck out for her as campaign manager, against possibly five other party candidates.

Association of Concerned Belizeans (ACB)

The Association of Concerned Belizeans (ACB), which emerged out of the political ferment of August last year, is organizing a demonstration in Belize City for Saturday morning, September 24. The demonstration is a response to the Government of Belize?s audacious and defiant move in taking $10 million of Social Security Board moneys to lend on concessionary terms to a Lord Michael Ashcroft?related company ? Sunshine.


One of the issues that is not discussed much in Belize is that of casinos. The PUP Government introduced casinos into Belize, a Christian and God-fearing nation, by lying to the people of Belize. The Cabinet told us that the casinos would be only for the foreign tourists, and that the only way Belize could be a regional class destination was if we had casinos as part of our package. In fact, it is only Belizeans who are patronizing the Princess Casino, and the machines are rigged. Belize has been proven to be an ecotourism destination, not a casino destination.

John Bull says, deal me in!

A British battleship will be anchored off English Caye on Thursday and Friday of this week. The press release, which was e-mailed on Wednesday from the British High Commission, spoke of the Queen?s ?commitment to the Caribbean,? and later mentioned ?humanitarian relief? and anti-narcotics operations.

September ? month of patriotism

We Belizeans had reasons to dislike British Honduras in the colonial days. Probably the greatest cross we natives had to bear was the system of canals in the old capital. The canals were open sewers which were eyesores and ?nosesores? which ran across the heart of the colony?s largest population center ? Belize (City).

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