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The divided Kremandala

There are voices which have been considered Kremandala voices since 1993 and before, who are now primarily loyal to the ruling faction of the ruling People?s United Party. Late in 1993, Kremandala essentially became allied with the People?s United Party, which had become the Opposition after general election defeat on June 30, 1993. So Kremandala participated in the PUP general election victories of 1998 and 2003, after having suffered from manifest victimization by the then ruling United Democratic Party between 1993 and 1998.

The party versus the people

A dangerous incident happened on Wednesday morning at the headquarters of the Belize Telecommunications Limited on St. Thomas Street in Belize City. PUP Minister Ralph Fonseca had gone to the BTL offices to discuss the company?s ownership situation company with BTL executive officials. When he came outside to leave the meeting, he was crowded by disgruntled BTL employees who booed and heckled him. The attitude of the workers was hostile and threatening. BTL chief executive, Gaspar Aguilar, had to intercede and escort Hon. Fonseca to his vehicle.

Shoman?s unique role

Senator Assad Shoman, Minister of National Development who entered the Said Musa Cabinet after the Prime Minister began mobilizing his personal loyalists following the August 12 G-7 challenge last year, delivered a speech last week which was given major publicity by both Channel 5 and Channel 7. The speech was important and demanded attention because it attacked the policies of neo-liberalism, globalism, and oligarchical capitalism which are espoused by Investment Minister, Hon. Ralph Fonseca, and which have dominated the Musa Cabinet since August of 1998.

7 years of feast, 7 years of famine

?Growth economics has been a success.?

- Hon. Florencio Marin, PUP Corozal Southeast, on Friday, January 21, 2005, in the Belize House of Representatives.

?One day older, and deeper in debt.?

- Tennessee Ernie Ford, in SIXTEEN TONS.

Wolves howl at Johnny?s door

One should not rush to criticize people who are successful in their chosen profession, and it is for sure that the politicians of the People?s United Party are the most successful Belize has seen in the nationalist era. So the fact that the PUP leaders are always obsessed with creating the impression that their unity is seamless, even though expert observers know that not to be the case, must be viewed in the light of all the PUP?s manifest political successes. In other words, the PUP know what they are doing.

Victims of the system

As we observe this regrettable political situation in which a group of selfish politicians and their rabid minions are on their bellies, clawing and scratching to remain in power against the wishes of the Belizean people, it reminds us, beloved, of the behaviour of the then ruling United Democratic Party in 1997 and 1998. Today the song is the same ? only the singers are different. So we see that we, the people, are victims of the system. Once we elect them, we cannot reject them. And once they are in power, they have no dignity or decency ? just hunger and thirst. Is all they have ? hunger and thirst.

The politburo embedded ? the people enraged

What is fuelling the anger in the streets of Belize is the fact that the people believe they have enough evidence to conclude that Ralph Fonseca does not give two hoots about them, and now they have evidence that Said Musa has put his loyalty to Ralph above all other considerations, including the wishes and welfare of the people.

A loss of faith

One of the important things to understand about what is going on in Belize presently is that the relative weakness of the constitutional Opposition, the United Democratic Party, created a socio-political vacuum into which various Belizean institutions and organizations were sucked last week ? the business community, the trade unions, the university students, the lumpenproletariat, and so on.

The Prime Minister?s unenviable position

We understand Prime Minister Said Musa?s urgent need for a huge amount of hard cash after the sobering failure of Montevideo?s economic policies, but we believe that he may have erred somewhat in calculating the strength of opposition to his harsh new budget.

The fault in us

As Belize goes to budget on Friday, January 14, there is a great deal of tension in the society, especially in the old capital which is the media center.

Our sense is that there are individuals in power who seriously believe that they have paid for/bought us, the people, in the general elections held on March 5, 2003, and that therefore they have the right to do with us as they will, until the year 2008.

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