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Marion Jones is broke!

For the average Belizean, having the equivalent of US$2,000 in a bank account wouldn’t necessarily be bad news, but it would be a grave cause for concern if you are a world famous athlete who was once worth millions. That’s the story that has recently surfaced in the United States regarding Belize’s Golden Girl – Marion Jones, who will nevertheless remain in the world’s history books as the first woman to grab five Olympic medals in one season of the games, and who will continue to be revered by fans across the world, and especially in Belize.

GOB lawyer claims Maya case threatens Belize’s sovereignty!

Chief Justice Dr. Abdulai Conteh has wrapped up a week of hearings on a novel case in which the indigenous Maya of the Conejo and Santa Cruz villages in the Toledo District are asking the Supreme Court to recognize customary land rights in the areas they farm and occupy, and to enforce the traditional title and rights they claim they have on the lands by virtue of their links to the Ancient Maya of Belize.

“Possession” panic at Big Falls R.C.

Ten young boys had to hold down 9-year-old girl, said alcalde

Robbing, raping and stabbing

Police are searching for two men who broke into a woman’s home in the Mesopotamia division of the city on Monday, June 11. They robbed her, stabbed her repeatedly and then raped her while her five children and mother were made to sit in the hall, guarded by one of the men, unable to come to her rescue.

Son, 21, charged for murder of man who broke his father’s nose!

A Belize City man, Julian “Buff” Serano, 30, who worked for UDP Port Loyola area representative Anthony “Boots” Martinez, was shot to death about 10:00 last night as he was hanging out at a friend’s yard on Guerrero Street in the Port Loyola area.

A big time gasoline scam features Queen St. cop!

It took a police transfer for the Police Department to discover that big hustling, costing taxpayers almost $200,000, was taking place at the Queen Street Police Department, Eastern Division. A policeman is charged with selling 18, 965 gallons of fuel belonging to the Government of Belize, to private citizens with the collusion of attendants at a local gas station.

Vildo is Deputy P.M. – Florencio replaces Johnny!

The Universal Health Services Motion may be off the table for now, but the storm of controversy that it spawned continues to fuel agitation at the highest levels of Government. A quick read of things indicates that Prime Minister Said Musa has realigned his Cabinet to weed out those who he felt have not been loyal to his agenda, while, conversely, seating more of his loyalists around the Cabinet table.

Who grabbed Derek??

The frightening two-day ordeal of kidnap victim, former UDP Minister of Government/Freetown area representative, Derek Aikman, 47, fondly known to family, friends and supporters as “Mi D,” has come to a happy end.

Derek Aikman kidnapped!

Belize now has its first political kidnapping. In what certainly marks the beginning of a new, darker era for Belize, Derek Aikman, 47, a former UDP Minister of government and now a prominent social activist, was kidnapped late yesterday evening. At press time tonight, police do not know where he is or who the kidnappers are.

Saved by the bell!

It appears that better sense has prevailed. This afternoon, less than 24 hours before confrontation in Belmopan, Prime Minister, Hon. Said Musa, has been forced to back down from proceeding with the Universal Health Services motion in the National Assembly. He announced at the eleventh hour on Thursday that after consulting widely with Belizeans, the ruling People’s United Party parliamentary caucus, which met in the capital city this afternoon, decided unanimously not to proceed with the debate and vote for the motion, scheduled for tomorrow morning, Friday, May 25.

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