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Sugar bright for BSI ? bleak for cane farmers



It is very urgent for cane farmers to sit face to face with Government (GOB) and BSI to debate and define their future.

BSI has secured its future with sixty million dollars ($60,000,000) in bank loans guaranteed by GOB to produce and sell 20% of the national electricity demand to Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) by 2008 under the cogeneration project.

More on the Coat of Arms

Elston Wade, Jr.

1128 Barracuda St.

Belize City


Dear Sir,

This is in reference to ?Changing the Coat of Arms? by Adele Ramos, which appeared in the Amandala of July 17, 2005.

Red Zone


Dear Sir,

We have over two years left for the political, economic and social committee of thinkers of the ruling party to set the play of the game for the corresponding groups to do the cleaning up (scapegoats) to get ready for the coming general elections. By then the ?mistakes? will be covered up and well polished. The hurricane will have passed away, the wounds closed up and we are all going to be ready for the following fiesta at ?La old Mexican PRI style?.

Begs for help fighting crime


Dear Editor,

Please I beg you publish this letter. Maybe it can save a few lives in our city. The present government has an unconditional obligation to provide safety and protection for its citizens and is so far failing miserably and drastically.

Musa punishes the people of Lake and Albert

Dear Editor,

We believe it is important for the people of Belize to know just how much Mr. Musa and Mr. Fonseca are punishing those who voted for them.

In Lake I, since the beginning of this year, we know of 48 men and women who have been fired from their jobs. These government jobs included persons doing community work, staff at the constituency office, sanitation workers, truancy officers, employees at the Ministry of Housing, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Home Affairs and other government departments. Our phones have been cut, and education assistance has been cut off.

?Follow the money:? the new PUP way


Dear Editor,

In a rare moment of truthfulness, the Prime Minister let the cat out of the bag for all Belizeans to hear. A few weeks ago in the House of Representatives, he declared that the real motto of his PUP is ?follow the money.?

That is what Glenn Godfrey did, at DFC, at St. James, at Intelco and with SSB ? he followed the money.

A mind is a terrible thing to destroy

July 7, 2005



When a study revealed that mercury used as a preservative in childhood vaccines may have caused autism in thousands of kids, the (US) government rushed to conceal the data ? and to prevent parents from suing drug companies for their role in the epidemic.

The preservative, thimerosal (contains ethylmercury), appears to be responsible for a huge increase in autism and also in a lot of other neurological disorders among children (like speech disorders, attention-deficit disorders, and hyperactivity).


When you get right down to it, the history of the world has been defined by wars of various kinds. The nationalism of countries like Mexico has been painted in blood, and because that is so, other countries in the world hold their country as something sacred.

Bus complaints


Dear Sir,

It is some three weeks since Novelo?s began to use electronic ticketing. Although this can be seen as a positive step forward, it is a step taken by leapfrogging over other more urgent changes, ones which should have been made first. The ticketing may be in the computer age, but the buses themselves are still in the Dark Ages!

Big, big respect to Amandala!


Dear Mr. Editor,

Allow me a space in your prestigious newspaper to say how proud I am of the editor and the publisher of your newspaper for the way you all handled the passing of a true ?General, of our time,? General Odinga Lumumba.

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