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Too many House members



There is an urgent need for an amendment to the Belize Constitution in order to put a freeze on the present number of House members.

With the recent increase in Parliamentary salaries and allowances, all can see that governance has gotten too expensive.

?Foreigner? talks back!

Dear Editor,

I am a retired resident in Belize and as you can guess am very upset with the racist anti-foreigner sentiment that has been printed in many newspapers by the Belize Cruise Industry Association. The garbage they write is so full of hate and so vicious towards those of us who settled in Belize, it is hard to believe that it is being published in this wonderful friendly country where I have hoped to spend my retirement years.

Who is against peace?

The Editor, AMANDALA

Dear Sir,

Call this FLASHBACK if you will, but I recently opened an old drawer of mine, full of letters never sent, and other material I have written over the years; and a few of them you and your readers, I think, may find interesting. Not for their literary excellence, of course, but with the trend in our social and political life these days, there may be some value in looking back on some previously un-published thoughts of a Belizean citizen, an old UBADer at that.

Belize Barrier Reef becomes ?Meso-American?

Dear Sir,

?What?s going on?!? What?s up with this Meso-American Biodiversity Project, or whatever it is now called - ?Meso-American Barrier Reef System? (MBRS), ?Mesoamerican Reef Alliance? (ICRANMAR), ?Comision de Areas Protegidas de Yucatan? (CONANP), etc. Who funds these organizations?

The new Bush administration



In recent times it appears that the Bush administration has claimed a renewed enthusiasm for its concepts of freedom and liberty. A day does not go by in which the president himself, or some leading member of his administration does not salute ?the fight for freedom?, or espouse ?the defense of liberty? as though these were some Holy Grails the quest for which was the prerequisite of the few.




Hello, my name is Stephen Spears. I am the husband of the woman you presented as ? a foreign Christian missionary ?. While my wife and I are from the United States, and we are Christians, we are not missionaries. We live permanently here in Belize, as I have retired from law enforcement after 30 years of service.

My time in law enforcement in Oakland, California has given me insights into the destructive lifestyle that usually occurs from people that use crack cocaine. I can appreciate your approach to the problem as a medical issue, but what is needed is for the user to come to the realization that they have a problem, be it moral, ethical, or medical. Without their recognition of a problem, you will just be throwing good money away.


Whereas in their search for liberty and security our forefathers in the year of our Lord one thousand and twenty three immigrated to British Honduras, British possession on the mainland of Central America in the Western Hemisphere and, according to tradition, settled the town of Stann Creek and whereas at a public meeting held at the said town of Stann Creek on the seventeenth day of November one thousand nine hundred and forty one, it was unanimously agreed that the anniversary of such settlement be commemorated.

Request for holiday

19thNovember 1941

The District Commissioner


On this day, we commemorate the settlement of the towns of Stann Creek by our forefathers in the nineteenth century.

One hundred and eighteen years ago, disgusted with the tyrannical rule of the Honduranean Indians after acquiring their independence from Spain, they came to these shores in search of liberty and security.

Barrow to Hyde

Mr. Evan X Hyde


Amandala Newspaper

3304 Partridge Street

Belize City

Dear Sir,

Re: Louis Zabaneh

We write on behalf of the above, in respect of an editorial published by you in the edition of the Amandala for Sunday, October 24, 2004. The editorial, titled ?Sense out of Nonsense?, contains the following:

About tourism growth

Dear Editor,

My name is Tania Domingo. I am a 16-year-old student of Wesley College, where I serve also as a class Prefect and a Peer Helper.

My letter to you is of concern about our Government?s decision about our tourism industry. I have learnt that the Prime Minister had signed a contract with Carnival Cruise Line, although an exclusive contract also exists with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line.

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