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Between October 1972 and December 1977, the Unity Congress/UDP did a hatchet job on me which was devastating. Because it appeared personal, I took it personal, and the problem went on and on and on.

I think the people who dislike me the most in Belize are my own people, the people from whom I came ? the brown bourgeoisie. The main reason they dislike me is because they basically have a loyalty to the United Democratic Party, and they have been taught, since October of 1972, that I am all kinds of bad guy.

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Every Christmas Eve for the last 25 years and more, a man by the name of Arturo Matus visits my home. We sit and talk for hours, and often we talk of things we have talked of many times before.

Mr. Matus is one of those ?Spanish? people whose family has been here for generations. Such Latin people have maintained the culture and religion their ancestors brought to Belize from Mexico, but they have grown used to black people and they interact comfortably with so-called Creoles.


On the evening of Tuesday, February 1, I was talking with the honourable area representative from Lake Independence, and he told me that he had counted 9 murders on the Southside of Belize City for the month of January. In my youth in British Honduras, I don?t think there were ever 9 murders in the whole country in a year, much less 9 in one area in one month!


As I drove around Belize City on Thursday, several times during the course of the day, I thought that there was a tremendous statement of silent anger being made by the business community of the old capital. The general membership of the Chamber of Commerce had decided on Tuesday evening to close down for two days, instead of the one day proposed by their more cautious executive.


For a long time Mrs. Anne K. Lowe has been harassing me about a book I have on the Caste War. Now Mrs. Lowe, who is an American retiree living in a village called Copper Bank in the Corozal District, is the greatest benefactor we?ve had for the African and Indian (Mayan) Studies Library on Partridge Street. In fact, Mrs. Lowe has been so consistent in her assistance for the library from the very beginning, that when we of the UBAD Education Foundation (UEF) met to choose someone to cut the ribbon for the opening of the library, we chose Mrs. Lowe unanimously. We UBAD are thought to be the worst black racists in Belize. Mrs. Lowe is an old white lady.


In Tuesday?s newspaper, I reported that I had met, for two hours, with the Leader of the UDP Opposition, Hon. Dean Barrow. This meeting took place last week Thursday afternoon.

On Monday morning, January 3, a group of former UBAD officials met at the Kremandala yard to assess the present socio-political situation in Belize City. This group included myself, Rufus X, Wilfred Nicholas, Sr., Odinga Lumumba, Edgar X Richardson and Nzinga Barkley-Waite.


It is our understanding that, at a meeting of the national executive of the ruling People?s United Party held two or three weeks ago at Independence Hall in Belize City, February 20 of next year was chosen as the date for a PUP national convention. (There has been no official, public announcement made where this matter is concerned.)


?The 1960s saw a resurgence of the mass movements in the Caribbean which had their roots in the rebellions of the 1930s. Black people everywhere began, once again, to raise the question of power, who wields it and in whose interests. In this ferment of ideas and insurrectionist mood, Walter Rodney rejected the traditional role which was ordained for the middle class in the Caribbean.?

- from the Introduction to WALTER RODNEY SPEAKS, Africa World Press, New Jersey, 1990


About four or five weeks ago I was headed home to Buttonwood Bay from my parents on a Saturday morning. As I turned left around the Belcan roundabout where all the flags are, I glimpsed a young couple on the sidewalk entering Freetown Road from Princess Margaret Drive.

15, 20 years ago I did a lot of photography work. (The man who taught me was Selmo Belisle, and the teaching took place around the time of the Heads of Agreement in 1981.) In the split second as I was turning left towards the Northern Highway, there was a perfect photographic scene.


It has been many years since the UBAD Educational Foundation (UEF) has had a meeting with the public. It wasn?t until Tuesday morning of this week that I remembered the old law which applied to public meetings. In the old days before free radio, local politics was all about public meetings. After the riots in 1966 and 1968, the Government of British Honduras passed a law that you had to inform the Commissioner of Police 24 hours before you held a public meeting, so that he could give you a permit.

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