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Corozal F.A. Opening Season Week 4 report

COROZAL TOWN, Mon. Oct. 7, 2019– We start off by giving thanks to the Almighty Father for His continued blessing upon our Corozal Football Association (CFA) tournament. This week marks Week 4.

It is welcoming to see that every week the number of fans/spectators is growing. Certainly, your presence means a lot to us, and especially to our players. As a parent or fan, being out there gives these kids the reassurance that they are playing great, and that you believe in them. We thank you, each and every person that comes out every week to support our ongoing tournament.

On, Sunday, October 6, we had a total of 7 games, i.e. 2 U10, 2 U13 and 3 U20. We are pleased to report that all went well. It has been four successful weeks.

Game results for Sunday, October 6

Small Field games

U10 – Calcutta Strikers won 1-0 over Corozal Invaders. Goal scored by Christopher Cabanas.  U10 – Corozal Rising Star won 5-0 over Carolina Jaguars. Goals scored by Mike Whittaker 3, Zander Linarez 1, and Jahzeel Navarro 1.

Big Field games

U13 – Concepcion Majestics won 3-1 over Corozal Rising Stars. Goals for Concepcion by Alexis Mendez (4’, 16’ & 18’); goal for Corozal Rising Stars by Giancarlo Moralez (47’).
U13 – Corozal Invaders won 9-0 over Carolina Jaguars. Goals by Clifford Sanker (7’, 14’, 18’, 20’, 22’ & 37’), Emir Chan (11’ & 29’) and Jamal Pena (50’).
U20 – Falcons FC won 6-2 over Ranchito Young Warriors. Goals for Falcons by Omar Flores (8’), Ryan Williams (18’ & 56’) and Luis Sanchez (69’, 75’ & 79’). Goals for Ranchito Young Warriors by Adolfo Pech (41’) and Edward Cab (77’).
U20 – Libertad FC won 6-1 over Bacadia Warriors. Goals for Libertad by Rolando Chan (29’), Raheem Swaso (40’, 62’ & 36’) and Osmin Dominguez (59’ & 70’). Goal for Bacadia Warriors by Christopher Allen (2’).
U20 – Chunox FC won 5-1 over Corozal Rural. Goals for Chunox by Reiner Santoya (12’ & 46’), Eljaier Santoya (43’), Romario Martinez (46’) and Heldai Santoya (64’). Goal scored for Corozal Rural by Kriss Galicia (24’).

Upcoming weekend games, all games taking place at Carolina Football Field:
Sunday, October 13
Big Field
10:00 a.m. – (U13 Male) BDF Cadets vs Concepcion
11:00 a.m. – (U13 Male) Corozal Rising Stars vs Corozal Invaders
12:00 noon – (U20 Male) United Ballers vs Falcons FC
2:00 p.m. – (U20 Male) Chunox FC vs Bacadia Warriors
4:00 p.m. – (U20 Male) Ranchito Young Warriors vs Libertad FC
Small Field
10:00 a.m. – (U10 Male) Calcutta Strikers vs Carolina Jaguars
11:00 a.m. – (U10 Male) Corozal Invaders vs Bacadia Warriors

Feature photo: The Corozal Invaders has been one of the teams, under the leadership of Mrs. Aurea Velasquez that has been participating in our tournaments from the very beginning.  We are grateful to their management for their hard work, determination and passion towards youth development.

The Corozal Rising Stars has been one of the teams, under the leadership of Mr. Troy Ferguson, Sr., that has been participating in our tournaments from the very beginning.  This club has been continuously engaging players from all ages to participate in positive sportsmanship activities. Last season, Corozal Rising Stars (CRS) was the only club to participate in all five categories. We applaud coaches Mr. Troy Ferguson, Sr. and Mr. Saul Navarro, Sr. and their team for their passion, commitment and determination towards youth development.


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