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Dane Gillett charged with murder of Dwayne Gabourel

SourceDayne Guy

Belize City, Fri. Oct. 1, 2021– Today, Friday, October 1, twenty-four-year-old Dane Gillett was indicted for the senseless killing of 15-year-old Dwayne Gabourel.

Gillett was expected to be arraigned in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court, but prior to his appearance in the court, he was given a Covid-19 test and was found to be infected with the virus. As a result, his hearing was postponed. Gillett, who is reportedly asymptomatic, will remain in police custody and will be held in isolation at the Belize Central Prison until his recovery from COVID-19, after which he will be arraigned in court.

Gillett has vehemently denied the allegations he was involved in Dwayne Gabourel’s murder and claims he was framed. He told local reporters that he has dreadlocks, which is inconsistent with the images seen in surveillance footage of the shooting that has permeated the media.

Despite having made an arrest, the Belize Police Department has not discontinued its investigation and will be seeking external assistance from the US-based Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to examine in greater detail the images contained in the video footage to bolster their case.

Dane Gillett’s mother has made a plea on social media in support of her son — claiming he was not involved in any way with Gabourel’s shooting. In a Facebook post, Peggy Gongora, purportedly Gillett’s mother, condemned the judicial system and said that the entire investigation was flawed. She stated, “This is di outfit my son had on at funeral. He was in di Martin’s area for Michael funeral. This picture was taken at 4:22 p.m. by his sister, where she left him after 5:00. People might say we don’t want to accept, but this is wrong. This justice system is really wrong. I will do my best to prove my son innocent. And I will show di proof to the nation until these charges are dropped and changes made to di justice system.”

This has not been Dane Gillett’s first run-in with the law. He has previously been prosecuted for similar violent crimes. He was charged in connection with the shooting of Telswin Lara in 2017 and was accused of going to Lara’s home and firing shots when Lara opened his door. He was also detained alongside three associates of his when a firearm was found during a search of a vehicle in which they were sitting. Gillett is believed to be associated with the Majestic Alley gang.

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