Letters — 28 January 2011 — by Janice Bain
Dear Editor,
The Japanese may very well be victims of their own doing…. to my bush woman mind, three things are clear…the Japanese live in a very high tech world, an unnatural life style…everything almost is made of ”PLASTICS” – shoes, household items bags, furnitures. clothigs, food…plastics…in their high tech world, computer radiation breathes poison and  the air conditioner is another big problem… then the MSG, a food enhancer; this seasoning is poison to the blood and the body….it is the seasoning of choice for many.
It makes your head hurt bad, with pressure to the shoulders. Stop using the consumer packets for one month and feel freedom in your spirit and movements.
Mr. Vellos, my point is we have proof of almost 100 years of plastic use and its effect  on our lives; we can now see the ill effects of wearing plastic clothes and shoes.
Now, our sex drive is low … we are now experiencing many illness because of  plastics and MSG use.
If cannabis was not given such a bad rap back then … all plastics products would today be made of hemp…..dah! Six months to one year and it decomposes into natural waste….dah!
Plastic takes 50 years plus….!
Lastly, SEX is the MOST awesome gift GOD has given to humans …and sex is an excellent way for couples to have joy with each other with natural passion. STOP using MSG and stay away from PLASTICS for one month…. you will be happy with the results. Try it…you wah like it.
Your herbalist, Janice Bain

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