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Home Letters Name the Hummingbird Highway the Andy Palacio Highway – he deserves it!

Name the Hummingbird Highway the Andy Palacio Highway – he deserves it!

Dear Editor,

It’s good to know that efforts are being made to recognize the works and achievement of the greatest musical icon that ever lived in the history of Belize, the one and only Andy Palacio. For me, enough is not being done to honor this great musical legend, which is so unfortunate.

A mere mass and a couple hours of Garifuna music do not justify the magnitude of achievement that this extraordinary Belizean musical artist has accomplished for his culture and his country. There should be a huge tribute annually with all Belizean artists, performing, paying respect for what Andy P has done in the entertainment industry.

No, his music did not make it on the Billboard music charts, and he never “chilled” with P Diddy or J Lo, but in 2007, his album, along with his song, Watina, was number 1 at the World Music Award Expo in Europe and around the globe.

He also was the first Caribbean and Central American artist to be designated UNESCO Artist of Peace.

The exposure that Andy brought to his Garifuna culture and his country is unparalleled. If there could be a tribute to Bob Marley and Lucky Dube in Belize, then without hesitation, we should be having one for our musical legend.

Andy Palacio’s accomplishment should never be forgotten, and his story should have been embedded into our school curriculum to ensure that generations to come would know about this Belizean musical icon. He is a great role model for our children.

It’s over 10 years now since this giant of a man has left us, and nothing significant has been done to honor and remember him. Not a statue or a street name, nothing.

Only in Belize! In any other country, Andy would have been a hero. It is too bad that our government cannot see beyond mere petty politics. Andy Palacio was first and foremost a Belizean, 100%. He is entitled to every accolade and honor that is bestowed upon him, and more. He was a true Belizean patriot, and he made his country, Belize, proud.

I would go as far as to recommend that we don’t name a street, but the entire Hummingbird Highway, the Andy Palacio Highway, if nothing else.

J. Alvarez

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