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Pray that Sedi doesn’t lose again

I am watching this court case involving Mr. Sedi Elrington very keenly, and I di run sweat that he will take a likking. I am just tired of foreigners banging the stuffings out of us whenever, wherever we go up against them. The PUP took some drubbing, but my gudnis, dis ya crowd da some kind a punching bag when they go up against foreigners. The most terrible part of this story is that we always end up footing the bill.

We have to face facts: Belizeans, we are no match for those boys out there. Ashcroft, he’s got a clean sheet against us. He wap us so bad with the UHS, we couldn’t afford to pay. In a small victory, we reportedly got the court to agree that the wonder of compound interest would get cramped a little. Hmm, when the next government comes in, be they red, be they blue, if things turn up in the economy they will pay this growing bill. If they can’t foot it, they will pass it on.
They say that before the interest got reduced, the workers at the bank could actually hear the money multiplying, and it wasn’t any drip-drip like a leaky faucet: it was a gusher. Of course we could have paid, if he hadn’t broken the treasury over BTL. I don’t know if that is a joke on Lord Ashcroft. We could have paid, but we couldn’t, because he already had all of our money.

Prosser, my, that brother took us around the block, and the last time he circled he took Said’s career with him. Those of us who didn’t go to money school got a full lesson about the worth of a promissory note. That thing isn’t worth the paper it is printed on. What we still have yet to learn is who introduced Mr. Prosser to Belize. One thing for sure is that that person had no love for us.

It was like a merry-go-round, this promissory note. I believe that it is out of this illusory IOU that was born the immortal truth, “Sohn time wahn leader haffu lai.” That leads us to another immortal line: “fos laaf da noh laaf.” The arrogant UDP laughed their backsides off about that PUP leader’s “haffu lai sohn time” line, until God cursed them and they formed the government. Super Furia sing: neva sih uhman wain (wind) laik dat, and now we sing, Neva sih palitishan lai laik dis ya crowd.

Lai? Lai? Dis ya crowd promise wi, swear on the Bible, that they would run a transparent, accountable government. And they wouldn’t rob from the treasury.

Pukke, we are still trying to learn how to pronounce his name, and while we are trying to figure out that, an entire bank just submerged. These foreigners really have us figured out. An American scams Americans and we get the bad name and a bank in our country goes under. Ouch.

What jumps out and bites us is that these people give our young people scholarships, but they don’t teach them everything. They make our people feel like they know everything, but they do not. The proof is always in the eating of the pudding. We always get wap.

Take this guy, Mr. Williams, the one involved in the case with Mr. Verde. Boy, the things I’d like to say here, but I’ll restrict myself from what is before the foreign judge. What I’m fretting about here is the potential danger to our little treasury. Would you be surprised if this bali that owes us all these taxes gets off for his squealing about being scammed by our officer? That’s not the worst of it. If we follow the trend, he might end up suing us!

Now to this L. Schneider, the Progresso Heights guy, the one who is after taking our FM, Sedi, to clear his pockets of the titles. I’ll never discuss what I don’t have a good grasp about, but I can sure tell about my sentiments. In the scheme of Compre vs St. Michael’s, as a Compre loyalist I should be riding with Eamon Courtenay, from our 3rd or 4th graduating class, but in this court battle against Brother Sedi, one of St. Michael’s College’s eloquent boys, I turn traitor because ah jos can’t bear to see Sedi lose another case.

He might go down as Belize’s bungling Inspector Closeau. He might go down as a ground breaker. What is for sure is that he befuddled two nations, Belize and Guatemala. Sedi goes to the meeting and he is presented a document that he absolutely shouldn’t sign, because no self-respecting country signs that. But the case is ironclad, and Assad Shoman, who prides himself on being a daring sort, eggs him on. Sedi has to be out of his mind. He signs the blank check.

Said Musa couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw it. You know Said got a pass for the part he played. The battering he took after giving full rein of the country to his friends when he was PM, he couldn’t have been up to date on the international front. Guatemala absolutely shouldn’t have been given a blank check to claim any part of our land. As Said pointed out, the UN had already settled that business. Sedi should have sought the counsel of more sober minds, instead of listening to his old chum, Assad.

I said he is sometimes our bungling Inspector Closeau, and now the Guatemalans must hate him bad too. They couldn’t have expected Sedi to get a YES vote, and now they have to make their claim. It will be an absolute stunner if they claim any of our land, after the UN has already declared that they should keep their greedy hands off Belize. Of course that story noh done deh. But this story, about the Progresso Heights, is alive and troubling.

This Sedi case, this one is not our bill, but our Foreign Minister just can’t be bested for not following the rules. He said he did. I hope and pray so. Bah, if we stick to trend it will be another victory for the away team. I say, neither he, for the sake of his wallet, nor us, for our damaged egos, can afford another beating from the foreigners. A really hope yu have yu papers in order, FM.

I still bex wid Melvin Hulse

Sometime, I think in the 1993-1998 UDP government, Mr. Melvin Hulse stood up in the House of Representatives and said that the time for politicians like him was over. Mr. Hulse said the modern Belize would need representatives who not only have capacity: we would need reps who have high levels of formal education too. Our country needs better, qualified leaders. Really, it is not an absolute necessity that a candidate has a paper degree. A highly successful business person, of outstanding character, is viable too.

In spite of his words, Mr. Hulse stood in the path of Mr. Denzil Jenkins, one of the heroes of the citrus industry, when Mr. Jenkins decided to offer his services to the people in Stann Creek West for the 2012 general election. Mr. Hulse was able to block Denzil Jenkins because he still had great control of the UDP political machinery in that division. I have heard that he was also aided in his convention by the PUP, who also wanted to block Jenkins. I don’t know that that is true, but it wouldn’t surprise me. It is also not impossible that the UDP as a party colluded to block Mr. Jenkins in his ambition.

I submit that if Mr. Jenkins, a man with stunning credentials, had won in Stann Creek for the UDP, that party would not have become more crooked than the PUP in its worst days. Denzil Jenkins would not have turned a blind eye as the UDP abused our governance systems. There are no saints in this world, but some men are not easy to corrupt. We need those types of people to hold our positions of power.

Belize has too many candidates running in the next general election who will not command respect on the world stage. It is important for our representatives to have capacity, and character. We can’t argue with anyone who has the confidence to run, for that is a right, but these parties should be more selective. We, the voters, also have to consider these factors when we go to the polls.

Melvin Hulse does have some fine attributes, but he had had his turn. Denzil Jenkins might have flopped as a leader. But the potential was there for something spectacular, and we desperately need/needed that.

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