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Reform: no plantation voter

I am pretty sure that no human action is completely, absolutely bad with no aspect of good a constituent part of it. There is no purely evil act. This is perhaps the reason that immoral behaviour is so popular.

Even at the beginning of time when Eve in the Garden of Eden saw this beautiful fruit that looked very good to taste, she ignored the warning that that fruit contained a poison that would kill her. She considered and wanted only the pleasure of the taste. Moralists and philosophers, the greatest of them, have concluded that the human will cannot, will not, choose what the conscience sees as bad. Human beings choose the good that they see, ignoring the wisdom that the juices of the fruit are deadly. This is why we go around believing, deceiving ourselves into concluding, that the end justifies the means.

Sincere persons, even good people who want to do their best, fall into this moral trap. For example, an international agency’s agents offer millions to improve your education system… but you have to introduce the new sexual agenda. Booklets are distributed to all schools teaching that there are more than three genders…. Throughout the world international agencies have been deceiving us, because they accept the moral error that the end justifies the means.

If our leaders, elected and appointed, had studied the Preamble of the Constitution at Article (d), perhaps the moral mess we swim in, and which is threatening to drown us, would not be so frightening.

The Preamble says: The people of Belize “recognise that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and upon the rule of law.” This principle is profound but easily understood, if we know what freedom really means. It is crucial that we know that real freedom means choosing to do what is good and moral. Curiously, an international effort has substantially led to the corruption of the meaning of human rights because the proponents of the ideas have ignored the real meaning of “freedom”.

The former Ombudsman of Belize was way ahead of this race to corruption and destruction, for he had studied carefully Chapter 2 of our Constitution, which deals with “rights”.
At a Human Rights Conference in the Caribbean 13 or so years ago, for a whole day presenters were lecturing about rights. I asked a professor next to me: “When are we going to talk about duties and responsibilities?” “We won’t; let others do that”, he replied.
More or less, this is what has been foisted upon the Western World as human rights. The Ombudsman of Belize knew better; he had studied Ch 2.

“Whereas every person in Belize is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual… but subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the public interest.”

It was obvious to me — even before I became Ombudsman — that if we propose only rights and no duties and responsibilities, we are promoting not society, but a jungle where animals have no regard for the feelings and interests of others. With no duties and responsibilities, the powerful thrive, the weak are trampled and destroyed.
The beginning of a better society, country and nation starts with re-education of what true human rights are.

Perhaps the process should start with certain policies that we have changed to suit the liberal agenda — example: no death penalty, no corporal punishment. With better, more enlightened insights we will encourage better understanding that diverse opinions may promote less discrimination, greater courtesy, agreeableness, good manners, less quarrels, greater integration, and more social harmony.

By the way, non-discrimination does not include telling you publicly that you are right and another is wrong, if you contradict the homosexual agenda. My accepting respectfully your homosexuality does not mean that I must allow you to indoctrinate my children that GAY is good and STRAIGHT is bad. By the way, Europe is beginning to see that the sexual revolution has succeeded to the detriment of the life of certain nations, including Spain, where a zero birth rate is threatening the survival of the Spanish people.

IT may be providential for Belize to include in its REFORM agenda a new, enlightened look at our sexual mores. There was a time not too long ago when sexual expression was a sacred business and most civilised peoples associated it with propagation of the species, family life and respect for self and members of the other sex.

Then, abstinence, chastity, virginity, and self-control were words that were readily used to express common-senseical values. When Mahatma Gandhi admitted that he tried to be chaste even with his wife, because he found that if one could control his sexual feelings he would more easily control other passions.

Ironically, the Liberal Agenda has been using unchastity to destroy the Roman Catholic clergy while at the same time championing abortion, contraception and homosexuality. The Agenda seems contradictory. Please explain how sexual abuse is so wrong, but killing an unborn baby and engaging in a fruitless barren act is alright?!

Please, isn’t it time that we begin to realise that bigger and richer is not necessarily better?
The problem is that bigger and richer seems better, because they have been giving our leaders more money, bigger cars, more things to bring more voters to their side, and they succeed at the polls. And what did the former Lake Independence rep proclaim? Winning is the only thing!

George Price, after an election victory, told his party: “Congratulations! You have been elected to serve!” However, I did not join his party because I cannot brook the idea that anyone would deny me complete freedom of conscience. According to my value system, an elected person is committed to serve everyone, without fear or favour. My thinking is that public officials, especially the elected ones, should always act in the public interest. His policy of victimization was contradictory to the Common Good.

What is in the public interest? There are rumours that two representatives will be established by inheritance. I know only one of the two. The lady, I think, is an excellent person, familiar to the whole division, who may be able to win on her own merit. The young man is Mr. Finnegan’s nephew. Finnegan is still one of my favourite UDP persons. Throughout my years of not being UDP-friendly, I have still liked him.

And to achieve meaningful reform we must become a people that casts away all animosities and embrace all leaders and the potential ones to encourage them to believe that reform may make Belize far better than it is. This statement is not to be interpreted as a detraction from the present administration, but I am sure that some supporters will admit that we must move on. Our quality of life must be improved.

There must be an enhancement of our understanding of the COMMON GOOD, and how our moral behaviour impacts that in meaningful ways. Our teachers could contribute immensely. Perhaps if we show by an important measure in our reforms, how crucial the contribution of teachers is. Let us amend the Teachers Act regarding retirement and improve it to provide the measure that if a teacher retires at 65 or 70, the pension benefit goes up to 75%. But we must amend the present Teacher Service Act. This body must be a completely apolitical body!

To realize true, meaningful lasting REFORM, we must again study NO DEATH PENALTY, NO CORPORAL PUNISHMENT. THE LGBTQ AGENDA, ABORTION…. It’s to determine whether accepting the values that underlie these issues can really be harmonious with the values of our Constitution. What will we decide?

Are we ready to tell the U.S., Europe, the United Nations, the World Bank, all the other funding organizations, that we appreciate help but will not surrender our true human rights to get your loans! In doing this we should be humble but firm.

Our Constitution tells us what are true human rights: they are God-given. The Almighty God has blessed us with rights, for we are a society “of free men and free institutions…” endowed with “equal and inalienable rights with which all members of the human family are endowed by their CREATOR.”

How long do you think that world organizations will persecute us by not respecting true rights?

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