About Us

AMANDALA, a biweekly newspaper published on Tuesdays and Fridays, was founded as an organ of the United Black Association for Development (UBAD), which emerged on August 13, 1969. Even after UBAD was divided and later dissolved in 1974, AMANDALA remained.

The newspaper began as a stenciled sheet (looking somewhat like a newsletter) after UBAD members and supporters subscribed $250 in donations. Publisher Evan X Hyde also received a small donation from his alma mater, Dartmouth College in the USA. So began what would later become the country’s premier source of printed news.

AMANDALA has been the nation’s most read newspaper since Belize’s Independence in 1981. The success of the organization has also come from a team of dedicated reporters, editors and office personnel, supported by the newspaper’s publisher, Evan X Hyde.

AMANDALA is located on the same premises as three other related entities: KREM, the first independent radio station which broke government monopoly over the airwaves on November 17, 1989; KREM TV established in 2004; and the Library of African and Indian Studies (renamed the Dr. Leroy Taegar Institute of Learning in 2014).


Publisher       Evan X Hyde
Business Manager       Jacinta Hyde
Editor in Chief       Russell Vellos
Assistant Editor       Adele Ramos
Lithography       Roy Lord, Clive Smith
Layout & Design       Eden Cruz, Deshan Swasey
Executive Secretary       Odessa Robinson Smith
Collating Supervisor       Jason Barrera
Printers       Jose Avilez, Kent Brooks
Reporters       Rowland Parks, Albert Ciego and Micah Goodin