VACANCY: Experienced farmer with partner to work in the Belize District area. If interested call me at 614-3051.

VACANCY: Exists for a Country Director. Applicants must possess a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, be bilingual, possess a clean police record, and must be 40 years or older. For further information contact us at 223-1931.


NOTICE: Vanessa Robinson & Scott Robins, state that we have lost our original Vessel Registration Certificate. Name of the Boat: Wondering Butterfly. Registration Number: BZ-1588.


LIQUOR LICENSE NOTICE: Notice is hereby given that Five Fusion Restaurant is applying for a Beer License to be operated at Five Fusion Restaurant, 4417 Nim Li Punit Street, Belmopan, under the Intoxicating Liquor License Ordinance Revised Edition 2000.