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Smokey Joe

If you are born in this country, you must know the names of the people that made the country move, in good times and in bad times. You had the “Lybans” turn into Lightburns, masters of every thing with the lady Goddie Christie, and one girl who just passed away in her nineties. I learned that yesterday. From Craig Street to behind Holy Redeemer. Mr. Lyban was the master of what he surveyed, and all his children were boys - Herman, Bill, Alvin, Donald, Clarence. These are the Belize backbone

Dealing with crime

We are spending a lot of our resources, which could be put to better use, in trying to control criminal activity and punishing criminals by putting them in jail, that is, that is the ones that are apprehended and processed through our criminal justice system. If we were more successful in our efforts, we would have to build more jails and staff them, which would put a greater strain on our resources. Bearing in mind that criminal activity is non-productive and, in fact, destructive, perhaps we should exercise our minds on finding ways to discourage people from committing crimes, in other words, penal reform.

Blame at mother’s doorsteps

Mother’s Day is on the horizon. I know because I hear about the special splashdown being planned for mommies on KREM Radio everyday. And, I expect all other media in Belize are planning their special throw down, too. Fathers can’t complain. No daddy ever carried no baby for nine months. No matter how they love you, no daddy would carry no baby for no nine months. I guess we weren’t designed that way. So, the cake goes to mom … every time.

Smokey Joe

Looking back, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Just look at the clowns who have tried that with Mrs. Bailey. The lady is back in full force. Whenever people try to destroy you, just look back with brute force to help yourselves, or look back at Mr. Price and Mrs. Bailey for the abuse and the insults in the DFC hearing.

About murder and murders

The best thing for a murderer is to die. And, since he has no right to take his own life, the best thing for someone who has taken the life of another human being is to be put to death. Then, if he has a conscience, his suffering will be over and the pain caused to the family of his victim and his own family will come to an end. That is if he has a conscience.

Smokey Joe

Belize, we are heading for some very hard times in this country. A bunch of us have started stealing everything that is not nailed down, and a bunch of us have started to rape our very own children. You look at the rapes, you look at the murders, and I am without common sense, but will never put my mindset in such a garbage state. Remember these words. We had them here a few years – the sins of the fathers will fall on their children. One was charged for rape. The other one died a horrible death.

Horrible PUP Graaf

Numbers are not supposed to lie. A picture is worth a thousand words. And a graph told the whole story until the Belize Times started using them to promote propaganda. The Ministry of Education should stomp them down for what they did to honest math on page 4 of issue # 4589. Braa, what happens to the little kids if they see those things? Utter confusion. Not even Dr. Petters will be able to rescue the little ones from such exaggeration of the truth.

Smokey Joe

I can remember The Daily Clarion, The Beacon, and the Billboard. There is no use to mention Kremandala or the Amandala, because they will be here regardless of the bullsh——-s that come into this country. I have always wondered how Rudy Silva died, and all the creeps that have passed through this business with hatred in their heart for the man’s progress. And now Mrs. Westby.

About race and races

If you are 63/64 Caucasian (white) and 1/64 African (black), you are black according to the Southern (U.S.) establishment of a bygone age, which would seem to show how much more powerful is blackness over whiteness. All the trouble the white establishment put on themselves to distinguish degrees of blackness had as its objective the purity of the white race and, to make sure that the objective was achieved, they made laws to erect a barrier between whiteness and perceived blackness. I say “perceived,” because there are white-skinned people with more African strains in them than dark-skinned people with Caucasian. However, since privilege went along with whiteness, people strived to be white-skinned. And, since certain features like a sharp nose, thin lips and straight hair were supposedly associated with whiteness, people tried to acquire these features.

They do

I see where the columnist, the Searchlight, in the el Guardian, has taken issue with Amandala’s Ms. Adele Ramos for a story sub-titled: Homosexuals, sodomites and prostitutes worsen HIV/AIDS situation in region. Well, I applaud Adele for being brave enough, in the face of our powerful ostriches in the AIDS Commission, who have decided on the “enlightened” path of denial of the role sodomy is playing in the transmission of this disease.

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