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COVID-19 update: 1,854 confirmed cases, 634 active cases, 1,196 recoveries and 24 deaths

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Sept. 28, 2020– The number of new cases of COVID-19 continues to increase across the world daily.

In Belize, we are still seeing a steady rise in our epidemic curve, but also, we are recording an increase in the number of recovered cases. As of September 27, a total of 1,854 confirmed cases were recorded. Of those confirmed cases, 634 remain active, so active cases make up only 34.2 % of the total cases.

To date, 1,196 of the persons in Belize who were infected with COVID-19 have recovered, and 24 deaths have been recorded so far.

Two of those deaths were recorded over this weekend. The first of the two was made public in the September 25th infographic published by the Office of the Director of Health Services (DHS). The DHS reported that a 70-year-old male person who was admitted to the KHMH’s Intensive Care Unit (ICU) died from COVID-19 complications, and on September 26, the death of a 62-year-old female person from Orange Walk was also recorded. Both these patients were on ventilation support.

This brings our death count to 24 and the country’s COVID-19 case fatality rate to 1.3%.

On September 27, 2020, a total of 31 cases were reported as recovered, and 29 new cases were identified from a batch of 252 samples. Fourteen (14) of those new cases were found in Corozal, with 7 being found in Corozal Town and the remainder being discovered across the various villages in that district.

In the Belize District, 4 new cases were found, all in Belize City, and in Cayo, 5 new cases were identified, all from Belmopan.

Stann Creek had 1 new case to report and 5 new cases were found in the district of Toledo, all from Big Falls.

The data for the previous days was as follows: On September 26, of 159 samples processed, 17 new cases were found. The majority of these cases are in the Orange Walk District, where 13 were located.

The others were found in the Belize District, which had 3 new cases, and Corozal, which recorded 1.  The DHS also recorded 31 recovered cases on that day.

Last Friday, September 25, sixty-two recovered cases were reported. Also, 311 samples were processed and 50 new cases were identified. The numbers in the northern districts continued to increase, with 25 new cases being found in Orange Walk on that day.

Eleven cases were found in the Belize District, 13 in Cayo, and 1 in Toledo.

On September 24, 300 samples were processed and 52 new cases were found. Again, the majority were found in the northern districts, with 15 being identified in Orange Walk and 16 being in Corozal. Nine new cases were found in Cayo on that date, and 1 in Toledo.

Data shared from the Office of the DHS also showed that three persons who were identified as positive COVID-19 cases, were also infected with dengue. The office of the DHS said that this is something they had on their radar, given the added layer of complications that co-infection would cause, and said that they would continue to monitor the situation across the country.

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