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A simple lambiscon of Uncle Sam …

The American doctrine commonly known as the Monroe Doctrine of 1823, has become the socio-political and economic regulator of Latin America and the Caribbean. Therefore, we would experience diplomatic formal treatment representing only a part of the general norms in international relations. However, all forms of exchange are affected in formal life by these formal relationships. Commercial, cultural, and even political relations can be maintained, but these are inevitably restricted if diplomatic relations do not exist.

In the Western Hemisphere, in which the influence of the United States has been so predominant, the existence of formal relations has been of special importance. A Latin American government that did not have diplomatic relations with the United States would soon see other aspects of international relations seriously threatened.

On the other hand, in line with the American Doctrine, in order for the legitimacy of a country to be recognized, that nation must have been formed in a democratic process. Should that nation have been formed by a coup d’état by a military Junta, such government is automatically not recognized. Yet, history shows us that the former president of Guatemala, Jacobo Arbenz (1951-54), was overthrown by a military Junta with the support of Washington through its long arm of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). They, Washington, recognized the puppet Carlos Castillo Armas government that was put in place for the benefit of American corporations. And so, we can go on into almost the entire Latin America and Caribbean countries where they had overthrown governments by military force and established puppet ones.

That is why we can understand the behavior of the President of Peru, who closed his doors to a democratically-elected president of the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro. The actual President of Peru, like several others of Latin America, has turned out to be a simple lambiscon of Uncle Sam because of the greed for $$$, instead of being focused on taking the people out of hunger and poverty, as has been the political will of the leftist governments.

 Our dear readers, permit me to share with you the following extract:

Juan Antonio Fernández: Our America is mutilated without the presence of Venezuela

We thank Peru for the organization of this Dialogue and the cordial invitation extended to us, said the diplomat.

Author: Digital Writing | [email protected]
March 21, 2018 14:03:33

Photo: Cubaminrex
Ambassador Antonio García Revilla, National Coordinator of Peru for the Summits Process,

“Ladies and Gentlemen:

“We thank Peru for the organization of this Dialogue and the cordial invitation extended to us. Cuba deeply regrets and wishes to register its discomfort for the exclusion of the sister Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. Our America is mutilated without the presence of one of the countries of the continent that has contributed the most to the libertarian and integrationist ideal of Latin America and the Caribbean. This dialogue, and the Summit of Lima itself, should be a meeting point for all the countries of the hemisphere and a space where everyone, without unfair exclusions, can express our ideas, reach consensus, dissent and debate respecting our rich diversity.

“We have listened attentively to the presentations made by the spokespersons and spokespersons in this first block of the 28 coalitions that will participate in the Forum of Civil Society and Social Actors of the VIII Summit of the Americas. Some of these have been truly remarkable. I highlight those elements that have attracted our greatest interest: We share the concern about the concept and the way coalitions were conceived. This new model, which was articulated in a selective and non-transparent way, changed the established rules of the game. This Forum was imposed on a formula that was only proven, with dubious results, at the last OAS General Assembly. As it poses an important limitation to participatory rights and respectful and democratic debate, we believe that it should be revised in the future.

“We agree on the essence of this debate when we firmly recognize and reject the progress of political and economic corruption in the region, manifested by the growing inequality in the distribution of wealth and social exclusion that this enormous chasm separates the rich from the poor. We also recognize the need for an integrated approach in the fight against the scourge of corruption and we value positively the role that civil society and the relevant actors of our countries are called to play in this common effort, where we need greater participation and popular control, as essential ingredients in the implementation of public policies.

“Alerto had denounced the composition of Coalition 26, which acts on behalf of the so-called Latin American Youth Network for Democracy, which has among its coordinators people and organizations of dubious trajectory and with a political agenda of provocations and subversion. The biggest challenge is ahead. The process of approvals and accreditations that is still in progress will be crucial to guarantee a climate of dialogue and respect. The credibility of the Forum is intrinsically linked to the quality of its participants and to the debate on the issues for which we are summoned, without politicization, and without the offensive presence of camouflaged usurpers of civil society.

Thank you very much.”

[email protected]
April 6, 2018
Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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