Charles Goff – Belize’s most dominant basketball center!

Belizean 1960s, 70s and 80s basketball has seen many a big man come through the middle on a Belizean basketball court; but through the lens of many Belizean sports enthusiasts, the Belizean basketball center of the [...]


Meeting the legendary Belizean football goalkeeper, Rupert Anderson, for the first time in person after seeing him play so many games as the “hard to score on” iron clad defense for first Landivar in the 1960s [...]

Post traumatic syndrome, attention deficit disorder, and severe disabilities in children growing up in violent societies like Belize!

This is an urgent call to action to address the effects of trauma on children born and raised in communities wracked by gang warfare and day-to-day violence in Belizean society. The trauma effects on Belizean children [...]

Hon. Cordel Hyde eulogizes Philip Palacio

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Mar. 20, 2017–Family, friends and colleagues of former politician and attorney-at-law, Philip Palacio, poured into the St. Ignatius Church in Belize City for a mass of thanksgiving for his life. The up-tempo celebration [...]


Hello everyone. Two weeks ago, we spoke about some dynamics of obesity and managing our weight, compatible with our body type. To recap, in that discussion, we spoke about some of the causes of obesity and [...]

Factors influencing children’s health: Immunizations

Hello everyone. Today we’ll share some valuable information about some of the factors that influence children’s health: Immunizations. Vaccinations are developed to guard children and adults against potentially lethal and previously prevalent childhood diseases such as [...]

Obesity, it’s link to degenerative diseases

Hello everyone. Today we’re going to re-visit a topic that many of us may prefer to ignore: weight manage-ment and obesity. The good news is, weight management should be compatible with your body type and should [...]

Eulogy for Leela Vernon

Presented at her official funeral and mass of thanksgiving held on Thursday, March 2, 2017, at the St. Peter Claver Church, Punta Gorda. “Ah Wah Kno Who Seh Creole No Gat Noh Kulcha??” If I was [...]

Getting ready for a global pandemic

We live in a world where for the last 40 years everyone faces the risk of being infected by antibiotic-resistant bugs and contagious, infectious diseases. Humanity has become complacent to the global threat of new and [...]

Evan X Hyde’s address to the CWU AGM

(Address to the annual general meeting of the Christian Workers Union on Saturday afternoon, February 25, 2017 at the UWI Open Campus) The settlement of Belize, which became the colony of British Honduras in 1862, and [...]