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Belize’s banking crisis

The vast majority of Belizeans know nothing about money, except that you work for it and then you spend it to buy things you need or want. After that, you go out and work for more, [...]

Special lady

Prime Minister and United Democratic Party (UDP) Leader, Hon. Dean Barrow, was in front of the television cameras beaming from the day before he introduced Dr. Carla Barnett as his party’s new candidate in the Freetown [...]

“Self-induced duress”

In Belize, as a majority Christian nation, we say that all men are created in the image and likeness of God. We say that all men are created equal. It should be the case, therefore, that [...]

From BEC to ASR

When the nationalist movement began in Belize in 1950, the giant Belize Estate and Produce Company (BEC) was a major issue. BEC was the largest landholder and employer in Belize, and controlled the forestry and chicle [...]

March 4 bigger than January 5

Monday’s by-election in Cayo North was not as important as the national municipal elections scheduled for Wednesday, March 4. Monday, January 5, represented a big victory for the ruling United Democratic Party, and a major personal [...]

Force, face, and fools

In their dealings with African and Maya people over the last five plus centuries, the European peoples have generally been brutal, oppressive, and exploitative. Quite intelligently, the Europeans eventually decided to put a face on the [...]

Then, and now

In early 1968, the American mediator, a New York attorney named Betheul Webster, formally released his Seventeen Proposals for the end of the Anglo-Guatemalan dispute over the territory of British Honduras. In 1966, the people of [...]

Struggle and dignity

At this newspaper we have spent the last four and a half decades trying to discuss and define who we are as a Belizean people and how we came to be where we are. It was [...]

History in Washington; history in Placencia

History was made in Washington, D.C., late Wednesday morning, to be followed within hours early the Wednesday afternoon by history being made in Placencia, a seacoast fishing village turned modern resort in South Stann Creek. In [...]

The dilemma of poor people

It is Christmas time, and a time of “good cheer.” But already it is a season filled with the hope and excitement of elections. The Cayo North by-election is near, and soon, after the Christmas and New Year [...]