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The Jewel: is it worth it?

In many ways, the British Hondurans who began migrating to live and work in the United States fifty and sixty years ago were making an intelligent, realistic decision. Back then, British Hondurans, especially those who lived [...]

March 4 bigger than January 5

Monday’s by-election in Cayo North was not as important as the national municipal elections scheduled for Wednesday, March 4. Monday, January 5, represented a big victory for the ruling United Democratic Party, and a major personal [...]

Then, and now

In early 1968, the American mediator, a New York attorney named Betheul Webster, formally released his Seventeen Proposals for the end of the Anglo-Guatemalan dispute over the territory of British Honduras. In 1966, the people of [...]

Daniel Conorquie left to the slaughter

Despite the many revelations that have surfaced after the execution of Police Special Constable Danny Conorquie, there is still a grave level of incompetence being displayed by the Government and they just don’t seem to get [...]

Corruption is the root of all crimes

We have had enough talk and band-aid solutions to crime … but none in authority want to get to the root of crime. Worse yet, the general population gets all emotional over every outburst of shootings [...]

The thuggish side

Whenever you see the ruling UDP behave in an aggressive or threatening manner, you must understand that they learned from the best: they learned from the PUP. During their glory years from 1950 to 1984, there [...]

From the Publisher

“In 1937 there was a massacre in the village of San Juán, Honduras. An arms cache, presumably brought there by Black Caribs, was uncovered on the beach or in the nearby bush. Government forces, constantly fearing [...]

BGYEA comes to town

Sometime last year the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Agency (BGYEA) demonstrated in Belmopan to publicize their Harmonyville grievances. The support they received was disappointing. Now this Saturday, BGYEA comes to Belize City, the population center of [...]