International — 09 August 2013 — by Albert J. Ciego

The gunman used a shotgun to fire at the boy, his friend and his cousin

A 13-year-old boy of Carmelita is lucky to be alive after he was shot by a man whom he knew while at the sports center in Carmelita Village, Orange Walk. The boy was taken by police to the Orange Walk Hospital, where he was treated and later released. The incident occurred about 9:00 Saturday evening.

The boy told police that he was standing with his friend and a cousin at the sports complex when a man they knew approached and asked them why they were looking at him, then went on to say that he did not like them, and that he would show them who he was.

The boy said that the man left the complex, but returned shortly after armed with a shotgun, and fired a blast at them, and they started to run.

The boy, however, felt a burning sensation in his leg. He told police that the man then fired at them again, and that was when they ran into a yard and hid among some bushes.

The man came into the area looking for them, but they kept still, and when they did not hear him moving around nearby anymore, they ran home. The boy’s mother immediately called police, who came and took the boy to the hospital.

The boys told police that they believe that if the man had found them, he would have killed them.

Police are now looking for the shooter.

The shooting in the village came four days after the charred remains of a missing taxi operator of Orange Walk Town, and his car, were found burnt in the outskirts of the village.

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