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2 houses destroyed by fire in Price Alley

General2 houses destroyed by fire in Price Alley

BELIZE CITY, Sun. May 6, 2018– Two wooden houses, about ten feet apart, were completely destroyed by fire in Price Alley at about 12:30 last night. One of the homes was an abandoned house that belonged to a Belizean who had migrated to the United States, and the other house belonged to Andrew Fuller, 43, a survey technician of Price Alley.

Information we’ve received is that the fire started in the abandoned, dilapidated house, and spread to Fuller’s house.
The Belize Fire Service responded, but they were unable to save Fuller’s house and belongings, which were completely destroyed.

However, they were able to prevent the fire from spreading to the surrounding structures.

The value of the two destroyed homes and the lost belongings has not yet been determined.

Fuller said that he was sleeping when he was awakened by smoke and heat coming into his house.

He observed the side of his house burning and called the Fire Service and evacuated the house.

Mark Gideon, a witness of the incident who lives two houses from Fuller, said that he was in his house sleeping when he was awakened by heat and smoke. Gideon got up to see what was happening and that was when he saw Fuller’s house and the abandoned house engulfed in flames.

He mentioned that the Fire Service arrived at the scene within 10 minutes, and they began to confine the fire to the two structures.

Gideon expressed thanks to the Fire Service, for the excellent job they did, because the whole neighborhood could have been wiped out, he said, due to the close proximity of the houses, coupled with the presence of electrical wires and trees.

Another neighbor said that they were awakened by the heat and that it was very intense. As a result, their fence and gutter were damaged. The neighbor mentioned that as her brother escaped through the front door on the lower flat, he was scorched by the heat, and when the police came, they rescued her and her mother through the back door, and led them to safety by dislodging two sheets of zinc from their neighbor’s zinc fence.

Although their house did not burn down, it was damaged as a result of the heat.

The neighbor went on to mention that the abandoned house was not connected to electrical power.

After the fire was put out, the fire investigators began an investigation to ascertain what caused the fire, the origin of which is so far unknown.

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