Headline — 24 January 2018 — by Micah Goodin
2 Maya sisters, 17 and 19, hacked to death

The sisters left home to go to church in San Jose, Toledo District

SAN JOSE, Toledo District, Mon. Jan. 22, 2018– The tragic double murder of two young women from San Antonio in the Toledo District has sent shockwaves through the rural communities in that district and the entire country of Belize.

According to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Alejandro Cowo, the bodies of the teens were found on the San Jose road side at around 11 o’clock on Sunday night. Their bodies were partially nude and had multiple chop wounds.

ASP Cowo revealed that investigations have so far indicated that the two, Cresencia Oh, 19, and Josephine Oh, 17, both from San Antonio village, had gone to a church function in San Jose. After church, they went to their brother’s residence in the village. Police said that around 6 p.m. they were both seen leaving San Jose, by road, on foot, which is approximately 10 miles away from their home in San Antonio.

San Jose resident, Pablo Bol, told the press that he saw when the two girls arrived in the village, and saw them leaving at around 6:30 p.m. with a bag in their hand.

About two miles away from the village, in a remote and dark area, police say that the sisters were attacked with a machete. They sustained grave head injuries, which caused their deaths.

Today, Delilah Oh, a sister of the victims, told the press that the last time she saw her sisters was on Sunday. She said that when they did not return home, their father went to San Jose to search for them. He did not find them however, and so he returned home.

Delilah told the press that her parents then thought the two sisters would have stayed at their brother’s home for the night. This morning the family was informed of the tragedy by an in-law.

Delilah does not know why anyone would want her sisters dead. Mario Oh, a brother of the victims, is also at a loss as to why anyone would want to kill his sisters. He told the press that the last time he saw his sisters was on Sunday afternoon. He reiterated that they had gone in a private vehicle to a church event with some Mennonite Christians. After the event, two of his sisters went to visit their brother, who wanted to send something to San Antonio with them.

Other sisters of theirs waited behind at the church, but Cresencia and Josephine never returned.

Today, Oscar Requeña, the representative for the area in which this gruesome crime occurred (Toledo West), expressed his displeasure. Hon. Requeña said that he was extremely disturbed by the crime. He said that the rural communities of the Toledo District are normally peaceful, and that violence was a rare occurrence there.

Hon. Requeña expressed his condolences to the Oh family, and insisted that the police must bring justice for “this inhumane act.”

ASP Cowo said that a post-mortem examination is to be conducted on Tuesday to determine if the girls had been sexually assaulted before they were so cruelly killed.

No suspects have been identified yet.

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