Letters — 18 January 2013 — by Gilberto Sho

Dear Editor,

Those who “have” will certainly agree with action of Minister Alamilla in the burning of the illegally harvested rosewood in the Golden Stream area in the Toledo District. However, the “have-nots” are unable to comprehend how this action can deter the illegal harvesting of timber.

They cannot understand how this huge resource is literally burnt and not put to good use. They say it is equal to lighting the forest on fire. For this I have put together some suggestions as to what this valuable resource could have done to the Toledo District. Here are a couple of them:

• This amount could have at least built a four three-classroom school buildings in the District

•  This amount could have purchased an enormous amount of school supplies and furniture for the school rather than teachers having to beg for these items.

•  It could have purchased at least 10 vehicles for the Forestry Department, when the Minister well knows that the Dept. is limited with dilapidated vehicles. Four days after this incident the young inexperienced driver of the Toledo Forestry vehicle overturned the only Toledo office vehicle – and guess who recommended this young fellow?

•  This would have certainly built back the four dilapidated staff quarters at the Machaca Forest Office compound.

•  This amount could have been paid to BEL to subsidize for the increase in electricity rates we are given as a New Year’s gift.

•  This amount could have paid for the connection of both Indian Creek and Golden Stream Villages to electricity. Currently the high tension lines of BEL pass through the village, but yet, the village has no electricity.

•  This amount could have built a water system for the village of Golden Stream.

•  This amount could have been paid to the University of Belize so that our children do not have to pay high registration costs and therefore not have to protest.

Do you still think this was the best idea the Minister could have come up with?

Gilberto Sho, Blue Creek Village

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