Letters — 20 January 2015
Attention: Hopkins needs village roads fixed NOW!

Dear Editor,

The village of Hopkins’ roads are the worst ever! This is high season and running any type of business requires one to go from point A to point B! It is impossible by foot, bike, car, or scooter to drive safely to go anywhere without it being a huge hassle because of the numerous, huge deep pot holes.

It is not fair for the tourists who came to Hopkins to enjoy the village life; if they cannot move around easily, they should not be traumatized with the horrendous mobility with these endless huge pot holes. If one rents a car they are subjected to returning it without damage. Impossible! Driving anywhere is extreme wear-and-tear on any vehicle, never mind a real nightmare to drive the slowest possible without bottoming out. Tourists are leaving because of it. Many of my guests made the comment, about never returning and leaving earlier than planned.

I am relaying their disgust of the road conditions. Never mind the locals who live here and the ones who are trying their best to accommodate the overflow here in Hopkins this season, of numerous unhappy travelers while making a living at tourism.

One of the questions on a motor vehicle test is which side of the road does one drive on? The answer should be on the right. It is wrong when the holes are so deep you drive on any side that you can possibly pass on even if it is the left side, meaning that one is breaking the law and is driving unlawfully while trying to preserve one’s vehicle.

The new road coming into Hopkins is a sign of progress, but to have them leave because it is virtually impossible to drive any road in Hopkins, is pure neglect! The BTB must be aware that tourism is affected if they do not return. After all, tourism is our number 1 source of income here in Belize.

Please protect our livelihoods with fixing the inter structure in Hopkins ASAP! Please, please!!

Trecia Wipfler

A concerned citizen of Hopkins

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