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Audrey Wallace, PM’s CEO, falls ill

HeadlineAudrey Wallace, PM’s CEO, falls ill

BELIZE CITY, Mon. May 29, 2017–Audrey Wallace, Chief Executive Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister since 2008, was flown via air ambulance to Miami for emergency treatment on Friday, May 26, after she found out via a CT-Scan that a vein had spontaneously ruptured in her head.

Wallace, a former secretary general of the ruling United Democratic Party and the party’s current director of public relations, is expected to undergo minor surgery this week to remove the blood that has accumulated between the brain and its covering, but our sources describe her prognosis as good.

Although Wallace is hypertensive, doctors have not established that this is what triggered her present condition.

We are told that she sought medical attention at a private hospital in Belize City last week Thursday after suffering persistent headaches for over a week.

Sources close to Wallace say that she did not suffer a stroke, as had been rumored.

According to a report aired today by KREM News, Wallace reported that she had suffered a subdural hematoma, a condition that refers to the accumulation of blood around the brain usually caused by head trauma. Our sources say, though, that Wallace did not suffer from any head injury that would have led her to develop the condition.

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