Headline — 11 October 2013 — by Adele Ramos
Get Belize passport in 6 months, says online scam!

The passport only costs $9,900

Amandala has learned that an entity which identifies itself as IPCBelize is claiming to be offering fast-tracked Belize passports and other residency services to persons who want to relocate to The Jewel—an offering which Belizean authorities say is not legitimate.

Although there is a residency requirement of 5 years for persons wishing to apply for a Belizean passport, the entity’s website claims that persons who pay a specified fee can get a Belize/CARICOM passport in as little as 6 months.

More specifically, the homepage says, “Second Passport, Citizenship & Residency in Belize! You can have a Belize passport in as little as 6 months [for] $9,900.00.”

“A $3,900 advance is required with the remaining $6,000 balance due upon order completion (30 days),” said a post on ripoffreport.com, citing a correspondence issued in response to a query for a Belize passport. The name of the responder is listed as Richard Hoffmann with a Belize City P.O. Box number – 2481.

“Full Belize citizenship via naturalization including passport can be arranged within 30 days and there are several steps which must be taken (legal residency, issue of the naturalization certificate, document issue). The total cost for the main applicant is $9,900.

“Family members have a 50% discount if their orders are processed at the same time and children under the age of 18 are processed free of charge as part of the family package,” the IPCBelize reply is quoted as saying.

Amandala has been advised by Gian Ghandi, Legal Counsel in the Ministry of Finance and Director General of the International Financial Services Commission and Registrar of the International Business Corporation Registry, that no such company is registered in Belize – neither as an IBC or as a local company.

The first reaction of Immigration Minister Godwin Hulse, when we asked him about the online passport offer, is that such a scheme would be illegal. He indicated to us that he and the Director of Immigration would look into the matter and get back to us.

The company claims on its website that, “The Belize Passport & Citizenship Program via naturalization was launched in 2011 and we are proud to offer the best opportunity for obtaining a legal passport and citizenship currently on the market.”

“We only deal with real government issued documents which are valid for life and fully renewable. They can be delivered in person if you decide to travel to Belize directly at the Ministry,” the IPCBelize rep claimed.

IPCBelize, which stands for International Privacy Consultants, once advertised itself as an agent for Asian passports and citizenship, a Brazil resident and passport program, diplomatic passports as well as anonymous debit cards and Visa Gold credit cards. Today, its website singularly claims to offer Belize passports.

Its old webpage, which we found cached online, said IPC offered Central America passports and citizenships for US$7,000, with an optional 10-year visa-free multiple entry to the US.

“It’s a guaranteed feature to any passport applicant of ‘G’, details will be only revealed to applicants with the deposit of 60% posted. However, this feature costs an additional USD 3,000/applicant,” they claimed.

The company also claimed to be able to supply social security numbers, credit cards, and bank accounts after arrival in the US.

Of note is that the company claiming to be IPCBelize now lists a Brazil address on its webpage. Whereas the old website listed Dr. Andrew Weber as the contact person, the new site does not list any names.

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