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23rd February 2018–Is it a rumour or just a very bad joke that the Foreign Minister has appointed the leader of the Homosexual Agenda to represent us in a debate on the Guatemalan Claim?  What happened to Assad, to Jim Murphy, to Eamon Courtney?  No, he must be cracking a joke to distract from the real issues  going into municipal elections. No distractions, please.

Most people seem to feel that the Mayor was above all the corruption, but the whole Red Party has been rife with corruption. Those 165 streets claimed to have been paved, who were the contractors, and what did each one cost? That information needs to be available to voters.

What systems will the Blue put in place to seal their city government from bloated contacts?  We would really like to see some input on this very crucial matter. The citizens of Belize should really cry out to heaven for honesty and integrity from our political leaders. Is it not time to raise a cry to Almighty God for these virtues that are so lacking from our public life? Perhaps public prayers and a country-wide fast may convince the Almighty that we are serious!

Neither the Red nor the Blue has made committtments concerning quality of life issues. They should submit their ideas on the following;

1. What will be their contribution to fight crime in their municipality?  Will they sponsor neighborhood sports to keep young people focused on good health of mind and body?  How about arranging study halls supervised by dedicated persons who wish to impact the behavior of young hearts and minds?

2. Will the councils enact rules to improve the environment by promoting fines to enforce the care of vacant lots?

3. How about imposing fines upon anyone who damages public property, for instance, bridge rails, light posts, fences, etc.?  the protection of public property is the duty of every citizen in a civilized society.  Let us enhance our environment by caring for the physical improvments that are made.

4. The councils should enact traffic rules that declare vehicles as junk that occupy streets for six months without being moved.

5. The councils should set a good example by removing immediately all mud and junk that they put on the streets as by products of their cleaning.

6. The public behavior of all Councilors should be above reproach!  May not some of them regard municipal service as preparation for higher service at the national level? Show us your motion!


Returning to that matter:  it is in very poor taste, giving to our international image a frivolity that is very alarming!

Any serious student who has read the Constitution of Belize, especially its Preamble, knows that paganizing of the culture of Belize is impossible without a referendum of the People. Even our Supreme Court should recuse itself from adjudicating the legality of homosexuality, for its authority cannot nullify the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, which is the supreme authority over Belize.

Under a different administration our most powerful neighbor to the north presumed to influence our value system by various inducements.  However, its present administration has made public commitment in Poland and other places that America would not impose its values on other nations.  We heard that commitment and wish to inform Uncle Sam that we took it very seriously and believe they shall stick to that sacred pledge to all nations, including Belize.

Belize is a Christian Democracy, and we hope to keep it so!

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