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Berne stars in new movie

Belizean musician and actor Berne Velasquez is no stranger to the media. The Belizean artist has produced his own songs and has been featured in several films. Berne is to star in his fourth international movie called Poseidon Rex.

Berne said that the movie is based on some tourists who came to Belize on vacation. The group decides to go on a diving trip to the Blue Hole with their tour guide, Berne’s character. While on their trip they come across a person who they will rescue and take back to safety, but not before enduring some riveting adventures.

Amandala spoke to Berne today, Thursday, and he said that he was thrilled about his role in another movie. He said that he couldn’t give too many details of the plot, but can assure that the movie will be filled with excitement.

“Crazy things will be happening down on the bottom of the Blue Hole,” he said. “A lot of excitement and craziness happens to the crew as they dive the Blue Hole and rescue the body they found.”

Berne said that movie was being filmed over the past two weeks at locations all over the country. He said that the movie will be rated G and that it features other Belizean actors as well as Hollywood actor Brian Krause who starred in the popular television series Charmed. Berne said that he feels blessed to be able to have all the opportunities given to him thus far.

“It’s a very blessed opportunity, I feel very grateful,” he said. “I try to do my best at everything. Not every Belizean gets the opportunity to do these things, so I encourage others to seek out the opportunities out there.”

Berne said that he believes that his exposure can open doors for other Belizeans to be recognized and that that can make the road easier for them to get involved in similar projects.

“It’s a great opportunity and I’d like to have this open eyes for the youths and see the opportunities for us to show our talents,” he said. “There are opportunities that we don’t know out here.”

The Belizean artist said that acting was something he wanted to do but never pursued it. He is also to be casted in an upcoming Bollywood film in India. Berne said that he got the acting opportunities through the success of his music career.

“Music opened doors for me,” he said. “They’re using some of my songs in the movie soundtrack. The director heard and loves the music and said that he definitely wants to use it.”

Berne has had roles in several movies including Seven Adventures of Sinbad, Dragon Wasp, and Jurassic Attack, which was filmed in Belize and is to be released in the United States on February 22. He said that he’s a work in progress and he’s “moving up like the Jefferson’s.”

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