Letters — 21 May 2016
Big up, Lorenzo A. Aldana

Thurs. May 19, 2016

 To all Conscious Belizeans,

Recently, we have been living a tense life with Guatemala breathing fear on Belizeans (well, at least the majority of the population). We recognize that Guatemala has a bloody reputation, being involved in a 35-year GENOCIDE. They believe that their track record will be enough to make us curl our tails in submission. I know that Belizeans are hoping for the best peaceful resolution but we must be real. When dealing with animals, we must be prepared with the whip. God will help.

This is the reason why after so long waiting from the politicians for a PLAN OF ACTION (similar to when there is a hurricane threat), Belizeans are at a loss. All those in authority are lost themselves. So while politicians are seeking diplomacy (I strongly think that they do so because they are intimidated), we should start preparing for the worst. This means that from now on, we should maintain that state of readiness just like when we are at school. Please check on Mexican, Cuban, Guyanese, and American military, etc. and judge the similarity of what I am saying.

We should have a long-term preparation and a quick response Plan of Action. If the General has too much to handle, the Ministry should have already called on all past Generals to pool ideas. As a proud patriotic Belizean, I would hate to have history repeat itself here in Belizean territory because of ignorance and neglect.

To all those who know me personally, they know that I am passionate about whatever mission I take on. Like me, there are others prepared to take our last breath and to spill our last drop of blood for our beloved Belize. When I swore to defend my country in 1995, it was for life.

So, today I call upon all Belizeans and friends to read this food for thought and those who can do something, help in getting this idea or other plans to fruition (please read attachments).
Belize will be grateful.

P.S. To me there are three most important things we must be prepared to die, i.e.:
1.) God; 2.) Family; 3.)  Country.

Lorenzo A. Aldana

[email protected]

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