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Billiards News – Belikin 8-Ball Nationals this weekend in Belize City

ORANGE WALK TOWN, Tues. Aug. 15, 2017–Orange Walk Belikin 8-Ball Champions 2017
The championship in Orange Walk was decided yesterday between Infierno and Team Picame. In the 3rd place game at 1:00 p.m., Chattas defeated Eagles two straight after blowing them out in game one on Friday, 4-0, securing the 3rd place. Ramon Witz defeated Joseph Jacobs, 3-1; and Miguel Chatta defeated Ernest Arzu, 3-0. In the championship game Friday night, the mighty Picame defeated the upstart Infierno, 4 to 1, on their table. Infierno had the momentum going into this game, after blowing out the number 2 seed Eagles, 6-0, just to run into a brick wall with team Picame. Sunday saw game two, with Picame needing two wins to seal the deal. Infierno won the first two games, as Abimael Godoy defeated Zadiel Smith, 3-0; and Jose Carballo defeated Byron, 3-0. Team Picame didn’t move a muscle, as their line-up for this game was to get two wins, which was a sure shot, as was seen in game three and four, as Regular Season MVP Kenneth Dawson blew out Hiram Canul, and Playoff MVP Edgar Corado blew out Santiago Godoy. Team Picame consists of players as follows: Kenneth Dawson, Edgar Corado, Leo Corado, Zadiel Smith, Evan Williams, Leroy Jacobs and Byron Donaire. Nationals, here we come!

Belize District Belikin 8-Ball Champions 2017

The Belize District concluded its regional tournament yesterday, Sunday, August 13, at Long Island Bar. Third place was won by 5 Brothers, defeating Alley’s Store Lion King, 3-2. The game went to 5, and even the last match went to game 5 to determine a winner. It was truly amazing to watch, as both teams played very well. Wish they could have both gotten a medal.

The match between MJ’s and Long Island finished in 3 games, as Long Island needed only 2 wins to secure the championship. First up was Wilman Mehia, who defeated Angel Blair, 3 nil. Next, Wilson Galvez defeated Marvin Cardona, 3-1, to extend the match. Finally, Larry Lisbey closed the show by defeating Scott Galvez, 3 nil, and securing the championship for Long Island.

Of note, Manuel Ramos was given the title of MVP. Scott Galvez was named Most Improved Player. Special thanks to Bowen & Bowen for sponsoring another year of Belikin 8-Ball.

Stann Creek Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Champions 2017

Stann Creek District played their final game on Sunday, August 13, which team Big Mangoes Shattaz swept with a big 3-zip win against team Steadfast Boys: David Leslie with the 3-1 win against Jose Morales; Davin Forman, a 3-2 win against Everald Choc; then Aldon Forman came out with a big win, 3-2, against Carlos Burgos, to finish it off.

Once again, congrats to all Big Mangoes players like Charles Rivas (captain), Davin Forman (MVP), Aldon Forman, Adolphus Molina, Jr., Edward Gutierrez, David Leslie and Luis Wagner. Big Mangoes Shattaz will be representing Stann Creek District at the Nationals this weekend in Belize City. Best of luck, Shattaz!

Cayo Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Champions 2017

Allow me to officially announce the 2017 Belikin 8-Ball Billiards Champ for Cayo. After being down and almost out, team It Is What It Is went home with their little hearts in their hands, as the supposedly all-star team of Cayo had beaten them, 3-2, and needed just two games in their away match held on Sunday. Nevertheless, like the saying in Cayo, “Bad luck worse than Obeah,” they got skillfully lucky, and walked away with a 4-1 comeback win over the confident team, CK Shooters. It went down when Juan Villanueva let David Fernandez choke on the 8-Ball, after going 2-2. Then, Erwin Fernandez made the Fernandez look good on the “It Is What It Is” team, as he walked over Ricardo Carcamo, 3-0, making him Finals MVP 2017. Team CK Shooters found a little hope when Luis Usher defeated Jimmy Rudon easily with a 3-0 run, redeeming himself from his previous loss. The match got interesting in game four, when Armin “The Paddler” Lopez raised team “It Is What It Is” out of the hot water, when he came out as a winner against CK Shooters’ player Wallace “Blessed Kid” Chu, 3-2, in what was considered the best match of the tournament. But, it was the rookie, Carlos Umana, who sealed the deal for the championship, as he outright shot-out Mr. Lionel “Beans” Pinelo of CK Shooters, as he missed balls. The guy played calm like a pro against the veteran.

Let’s see if they will make Cayo proud at the Nationals on August 19th & 20th. But then again, It Is What It Is.

Regular Season MVP is Luis “Lish” Usher, with a 7-1 record. Finals MVP is Erwin Fernandez, with 2-0 and 3-0 wins in both matches. Most Improved Player medal went to Jamil “Jambo” Bedran.

Toledo Belikin 8-Ball Championship 2017

On Sunday, August 13, the championship for Punta Gorda was decided, and Challengers is back at the Nationals, after defeating defending champs Anaconda. In game one, Anaconda defeated Challengers, 3 games to 2. Challengers rebounded with their 3 games to 2 victory in game 2, to force a tie-breaker. In the tie-breaker, Challengers once again defeated Anaconda 3 games to 0, which made them the Toledo Champs for 2017. Congrats to all players for Challengers, and good luck next year to the other teams!

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