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Boss fires victim of fake cop office invasion and attempted robbery

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Feb. 15, 2016–A dispatcher for the Harpy Security Company on Antelope Street Extension, which was held up at knife point at by a fake policeman after she let him in, reportedly has been fired by the company.

Evonne Hendy, 25, told Amandala that she was on duty at the company’s office when at about 12:30 Thursday morning, she heard someone at the front door. When she looked, she saw a man dressed in a khaki buttoned-down shirt, tucked inside blue long pants, and a black warm hat on his head, who identified himself as a “police officer.”

Hendy said that the man told her that he was there to check on the business place, and believing that he was a real policeman she opened the front grill door and allowed him to enter the office.

According to Hendy, upon entering the office, however, the police imposter pulled out a knife from his pants waist, grabbed her around her neck, took her inside the office and demanded that she open the door to the storeroom, an order with which she complied.

The man then demanded that she open the storeroom, where the guns are stored, but she told him that she didn’t have the keys.

The imposter told her, she said, that he had been watching the place for a while and that he knows her family. He then threatened her, warning her not to call the police.

Hendy said that the man then left the office and sprinted away when he got outside.

Hendy called her supervisor, who came and checked and found out that nothing had been stolen.

Hendy told Amandala that after reviewing the footage captured by the cameras in the office, the boss called her in and told her that she did not seem to have been frightened or scared, and did not display any sign that she really had been held up, and so, he doubted her story.

Hendy told Amandala that the man was not wearing a mask on his face, and she did not know him anyhow, and strongly rejected what her boss was thinking, that she set up the counterfeit policeman to come into the building.

She said that although she was frightened, she tried to remain calm so as not to cause the imposter to panic, because then he may have hurt her.

Hendy said that this was the first time she had been held up, and she was not familiar with policemen because some of them operate in plain clothes and she doesn’t know who is real, or who is fake. She does not want back her job at the security company, since the imposter threatened her, and she is fearful that he would hurt her. She told Amandala that she just wants to set the record straight, that she and the imposter were not in cahoots to rob the place.

She told Amandala that it will be rough on her financially, since she has two children to take care of, and now she is unemployed.

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