Sports — 24 March 2016 — by Kaya Cattouse
C-Ray Saturday Race Series 2016 – prizes issued

BELIZE CITY, Mon. Mar. 21, 2016–The C-Ray Cycling Club issued prizes to the winners of the Saturday Race Series on Friday night, March 18, at the Bliss Center during a fundraiser event held for Dorren August (the light technician at the Bliss, who needs to go undergo brain surgery in Merida.)

This idea brought out more people to support the fundraiser, as well as to expose our cyclists to an even larger fan base than we already have.

The series started on January 18 and concluded on March 5, racing on six Saturdays between those dates. A total of 65 cyclists participated throughout the duration of the 6 races – 14 “Junior,” 1 “Female,” 10 “Category 4/5,” 8 “40 Years & Over,” 2 “50 Years & Over,” and 30 “Elite.” The idea was to race weekly to gain the most possible points each week; and at the end of the series, the person with the most points would be the overall winner. Weekly prizes, not including the points given, were mainly tires and tubes paired with gift certificates from various places in Belize City – The Stationery House Retail Outlet, Freetown Drug Store, Ordonez Bike Shop, Da Bizz BBQ, Simmons BBQ, and Milky Way Restaurant; and these were given by category. Initially, we were only going to give prizes to the top 10 cyclists overall at the end of the series; but, due to the amount of Junior participation, we decided that it would only be fair to also give them separate prizes.

At the end of the series, our top 10 cyclists overall consisted of seven Elites, two Juniors and one 50 Years & Over.

In all the races, there were sprint points at a designated area at which the cyclists could gain points and at the end of the series win a prize. The sprint points winner was Byron Pope from Benny’s Megabytes, and he received a gift certificate from Peppers Pizza for a large pizza, wings and sodas, and 3 bottles of wine courtesy Grace Kennedy.

The C-Ray Cycling Club would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all the participants of the races, our officials, our sponsors and supporters. Special thanks to Cattouse Trucking, KV Events Planning, The Stationery House Retail Outlet, Ordonez Bike Shop, Slaughter House Tattoos, Bruce Bike Shop, Freetown Drug Store, Milky Way Restaurant, Da Bizz BBQ, Simmon’s BBQ, Card Heating and Cooling Inc., Radisson, Biltmore, Smart, Peppers Pizza, Belize Express Water Taxi, Celebrity Restaurant, FT Williams, Fitzgerald “Palas” Joseph, Grace Kennedy, Guerra’s Construction.

This series was held in an effort to better prepare our cyclists for their respective Cross Country – Female, March 13; Junior, March 20; and Elite, March 26. The first two have already proven that our efforts have been successful. After all three races, we will analyze them and see if the cyclists who participated in the C-Ray Series were factors in the races and podium finishers in the Cross Country Races.

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