Letters — 11 April 2014 — by Wilfrido Novelo

Dear Editor,

I want to state that I was horrified to hear how Caleb Orozco lied to the Organization of American States (OAS) in Washington D.C. on Monday, March 28, 1014, vis-à-vis the death of Ricky Castillo, which occurred in Orange Walk Town some time ago.

According to Orozco, Castillo was bludgeoned to death with a bat and his throat slit. To the uninformed, anyone would have thought that Castillo was the victim of a hate crime.

I do remember the incident. Ricky Castillo was well known for his personal tendencies. In today’s sophisticated international jargon in general use, he would be considered to be a member of the LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Intersex) community.

In Orange Walk Town he was affectionately known as “Granma”. He was sympathetic to UNIBAM.

Castillo had hosted a party at his house on the Belize-Corozal Road for his close friends of the LGBTI community. As they got “nice up” imbibing alcoholic beverages, the party got out of control, which ended in a brawl.

Castillo was seriously injured and was abandoned by the “unibamers” to die alone in his house. He was found dead many hours later by family members.

Caleb Orozco should have told this to the OAS. If a LGBTI kills another LGBTI because of “jealousy”, this can’t be passed off as a hate crime. It is a fact that heterosexuals (people attracted to persons of the opposite sex) do kill, hurt, main and sometimes cause irreversible physical harm to people they profess to love. It would not be a surprise that a “unibamer” would kill another “unibamer.” Would this be a hate crime, or an act of “love”?

From the video footage I saw, it seems that Caleb Orozco wants the OAS to force the Government of Belize to provide him with special privileges, like personal security paid for by taxpayers, something that not even elected representatives/Ministers of Government get to enjoy.

I personally do not have an issue with Caleb Orozco or his UNIBAM. My concern is that if he has it his way, then we will have to accept same-sex marriages, which go against the order of God.

The clergy and the churches are at loggerheads with him. First it will be same sex-sex marriages. Next it will be marriage with animals.

There was a report on a Spanish television network last week that somewhere in the world, a man was going to marry a sheep in a Satanic church.

If Caleb Orozco wants to marry a stallion and walk down Albert Street in Belize City and say that that is his husband, or marry a bitch (she-dog) and walk her down the streets with a chain around her neck and say that’s his wife, fine, that’s OK for him. The Belizean population will decide if they want to follow his example.

Caleb Orozco/UNIBAM has a case before the Supreme Court of Belize for which a ruling has not been made. Why did he not tell this to the OAS? Why did he go to the OAS? Does the OAS supersede the Constitution of Belize? Why did the OAS entertain him in the first place? Does the OAS believe that Caleb Orozco and his UNIBAM are greater than the Constitution, Government and people of Belize?

I think the best way forward with this UNIBAM issue is to put it to a referendum. On the first Wednesday of March, 2015, Belizeans go to the polls for city/town council elections countrywide. Let’s put it on the ballot. If the people vote for the “unibamization” of Belize, so let it be!

If the people vote against it, Mr. OAS/OAK Foundation, please respect our decision and stop meddling in our internal affairs. Let’s also put capital punishment on the ballot.

Wilfrido Novelo

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