Letters — 11 October 2013 — by John Oliver

Dear Editor,

Roundabout article – interesting; we have several, some useful sizes as at the Northern and Western Highways; others, no more than a pimple in the road that does more damage than good.

Do we have any kind of traffic engineer on CITCO staff?

The other thing, we need to learn how to navigate them. As far as I can see, there is no instruction in the booklet for the driving test, but who reads that anyway!

Some [motorists] go all the way round the outside, some cut across all lanes, some wait at the edge, seemingly terrified to enter the fray!

A few months ago, with great fanfare, an announcement was made about a new drive to improve traffic safety, but now, no sign of it.

Any competent driver could suggest all kinds of improvements, like stopping at red lights, not carrying babies on the driver’s lap, reflectors on bikes, and the list goes on, but really, no one seems to care.

John Oliver

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