Education — 23 May 2014 — by Kareem Clarke
Career Day observed at Ebenezer School

As part of the festivities for Education Week – which is being celebrated this week – the students of Ebenezer Methodist Primary School today observed a career day exercise in which they displayed attire which are worn by the various community members who positively contribute to the growth and development of our society.

The students chose a particular career in which they were interested and those who aspired to be doctors, lawyers, nurses, law enforcement officers and even professional football players from Infant 1 to Standard 6 all proudly dressed the part in commemoration of the occasion.

Standard 6 teacher, Andy Gilharry, spoke about the importance of the activity and what it means for the students, and said that career day for them is something significant, since they are considering what they want to be when they grow up.

Sydney Wade, one of the students, said, “I want to be a professional football player because I like football and I practice every day to try to get better because I want to teach others how to play too.”

Angeles Locke, another student, told us, “Right now I’m dressed as a bank manager, but when I get older I want to become a doctor so I can help people who are really in need of care and so that we can live in a safe and healthy environment”, while Brianna Teck stated, “I want to become a nurse to help babies.”

When we spoke to Tayshaun Miguel, he said, “I want to become a soldier because I want to keep the environment safe so that nobody can harm one another”, and Troy Sanchez said that he wants to be a police officer because he wants to get the criminals off the street.

We also met students aspiring to be teachers, athletes, politicians, businessmen, models, and even a surgeon and a preacher.

On Thursday, Ebenezer Methodist Primary School continues their observance of Education Week with a Teachers Appreciation Day.

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