Headline — 28 September 2012 — by Aaron Humes
City Council victimizes “Tambran”

DJ Tambran is evicted from Commercial Center after settling with City Council; Council says he can get
licence “anywhere else but not at Commercial Center”

After appearing in court this morning, businessman Lennox “DJ Tambran” Young visited Amandala this afternoon to confirm that he had reached a settlement agreement with the Belize City Council and received the money owed to him for damages sustained to his equipment a few years ago, less the rent fee for the stall that CitCo demanded from him.

But he has also been told that he had to leave his booth effective tomorrow, Wednesday, confirming his suspicions that someone wants the space he had.

Young spoke out after it became apparent to him that the Council wanted him out of Booth #7 at the Commercial Center, the home of his “Music Depot” business for which he has a 15-year lease.

The roof of the space has been leaking for some time now, leading to damage to important records and equipment for his business, and a few weeks ago he lost permanent power due to a fault in the market space’s electrical layout. After receiving temporary power from the Council, it was cut, and he had gone almost a month since then without power, supposedly because he owes the Council rent.

Young echoed the statement of his attorney, Kareem Musa, when he told us today that he was not being intentionally “hard-pay”. The Council, he reminded, had the issue on their plate for years now and did nothing to resolve it.

According to Young, in court the judge specifically asked the Council’s attorney whether, with the matter now settled, the Council would be willing to keep Young in the stall; their representative said no. He could get his trade license anywhere else in the City, the court heard, except for his current abode.

Young says that he could have pushed the issue about slandering his name, but the Council was so adamant that he thought it better to acquiesce and leave.

He says he is currently scouting other locations in the City and asked his customers to be patient: “I intend to open back about the end of October, DJ Tambran will open back ‘bigger and brighter’ at a location to be announced and I will continue giving the most quality service.”

Tanbran says, however, that he feels he is being victimized simply because he ran on the PUP ticket in the March 7 City Council elections.

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