Letters — 23 April 2016
Clinton Canul to Dr. Assad

April 20, 2016

Editor Amandala,


On Wednesday, April 20, 2016, an article was published under the heading “BNTU launches ‘Stand Up for Belize’ campaign in Benque Viejo,” written by Rowland A. Parks where he stated in paragraph 9 the following: “On the question of the situation in the Sarstoon, Dr. Shoman said, “They say we are losing the Sarstoon; some say we’ve lost it already. Not so. Sarstoon Island is ours. You can’t see the thing, but this is the back of a T-shirt which says ‘Sarstoon Island da fu we.’ So said Colonel Manuel Calle Madrazo, the Guatemalan Boundary Commissioner who signed the map of 13th May, 1861, saying the line on it, drawn in red, below the Sarstoon Island, was correct [that Sarstoon Island belongs to Belize], Dr. Shoman said.”

I, as an uneducated academic citizen of this country who is very interested in our history, would like to beg you, Dr. Shoman, please tell me (us) where we can find the above information. With all due respect, Dr. Shoman, one thing is what you say and another is the proof of what you said. I think you’d do us, the Belizean people, who like myself did not have the opportunity to achieve an education, a big favor. That way we can look it up for ourselves.

In the name of those like myself I say thank you very much. I remain your humble servant,

Clinton Luna

Finca Solana
Corozal Town

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