General — 21 February 2014 — by Albert J. Ciego

Retired Police Inspector Conrad Jones, 64, of West Street, Belize City, disappeared on September 12, 2012, in Hattieville, and his family wants him or his body found, to complete closure for the family, his relatives say.

Jones has been missing for two years now. A Customs guard at the time he disappeared, Jones was returning home after concluding duties in Benque Viejo for Customs on Thursday, September 11, 2012. The driver of the vehicle he was in, left him at the Hattieville roundabout around 11:30 p.m.

A security guard for the Golden Haven Home for the elderly near the roundabout said that afterwards, around 2:00 that Friday morning, September 12, he saw Jones still in the area trying to get a passage to go home. He said that he went to make his security rounds on the compound, but when he came back around 2:30 a.m., Jones was nowhere to be seen.

Police and Customs officials searched the area, and in Hattieville, but their efforts were fruitless.

The family is still offering a $500 reward to be paid to anyone for information leading to the recovery of Jones, dead or alive. They can call the nearest police station or 0800- 922- TIPS, or they can contact Silpa, Jones’ daughter, at phone number 605-4606.

The family said that not knowing where Jones is devastating them. They want to find him, even if he is dead, to give him a funeral, which he deserves. Most of all, though, they want him home with them. Conrad Jones was a police officer for over 30 years.

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